iFlicks is the easiest way to add metadata to movies

I’m what you might call ‘sick’ when it comes to critiquing my Music, Movie, and TV shows’ metadata. I want my media to have who’s in the movie, the artwork, and well, all the details that are available. For many years, I’ve been collecting and entering the data manually and then moving between two different apps to combine all the information on the actual media file. Now, I can simply use iFlicks 2 to get the job done.

iFlicks 2 Mac App REVIEW

iFlicks 2 is a one-stop-shop for making your movie and TV show files perfect. iFlicks 2 is all about metadata. The developers have designed the interface so that it’s easy to follow and use. The app uses a drag and drop method for importing videos. iFlicks 2 will automatically look up movie and TV show metadata as well as subtitles and chapter titles. The app searches for beautiful artwork so that it shows up nice and neat when you open iTunes. iFlicks processes videos, even high-quality videos, very fast. It supports multiple tracks of audio in different languages and surround sound. The app encoder even has preset for Apple devices like Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad.

iFlicks 2 Mac App REVIEW

iFlicks is in the Mac App Store and works just as easily as downloading it from the app store. You just drag your video file into iFlicks 2 and hit start. That’s pretty much it. You can even update older video files by dragging them into iFlicks. You have the option of automating tasks using Apple Scripts. You can designate a ‘watch’ folder and have files automatically processed when they are saved there. It’s a very slick app.

iFlicks 2 Mac App REVIEWIf you are like me, being able to quickly and easily source metadata is amazing. I love being able to see the artwork and details on a video no matter what device I am watching it on. iFlicks cuts down my research and scrolling time to nothing. In short, the app does all the dirty work for me. I have been able to process videos by the batch rather than individually. I can input video files into the iFlicks interface and walk away from my desk while the videos receive their metadata. It’s been great. I can spend more time watching movies rather than updating files.

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