In todays iPhone app review we have iFax Pro. First i must tell you that this is a handy app to have. Even if you have never sent or received a fax you’ll have no problem with iFax Pro. From the time you start iFax pro you will notice the that is a visually pleasing app built around ease of use. Everything is straight forward about sending the fax.

You input all of the information and you get to the bottom and there is a nice feature that I absolutely loved. The add signature button is very nice for those people who want a personal or business touch to there fax (very important for the authentication purposes).

My only real complaint about the app is the that there are 2 menus that do the exact same thing( theres a menu thats familiar to all the app store app users, and the previously mentioned menu). That being said, this is still a must have app for the business professional or anyone that needs to send and receive a fax on the go.