Rugged battery case provides extra power and lots of protection.

I’m a fan of battery cases. I like that they serve a purpose and aren’t just for looks. I’ve used several different types and they always seem to be lacking on thing I really want from a case – protection. And the problem I have with most rugged cases is that they add a ton of bulk. This is also the problem I have with most battery cases. So, how do you have a rugged battery case that doesn’t add a ton of weight and padding to a super sleek phone like the iPhone 6? The solution to this problem is the iFans iPhone Battery Case.

The iFans iPhone Battery Case is made to be rugged and provide power while it protects. The battery is 3500 mAh in capacity so it’s enough to charge the iPhone 6 twice. According to its product description, the battery is equivalent to adding 14 hours of talk time or 10 hours of web browsing time on top of the built-in iPhone battery. The case offers pass-through charging, which means that if you plug it in, it will charge the phone up full first and then recharge the battery case. This is a really nice feature that I really like about battery cases. This iFans case allows you to turn the charging function off and on as you need it. I’ve found that the best way to use a battery case though is to actually turn the battery on and let the phone run off of the battery case first. You really get the most out of it that way. There is a four LED power indicator on the back of the case. You can see easily how much battery life is left.

iFans iPhone Battery Case REVIEW

The second big feature of this case is its heavy-duty protection. I’ve never seen a rugged case for the iPhone like this. It is very slim, but still, has a wonderfully strong reinforced frame with some great protection options. The corners are reinforced for impact protection and there is a metallic back plate for added durability. There is also a raised lip on the front to help with screen protection.

The case is Apple MFi certified, but the case charges using a Micro USB connection. I have synced my phone while in the case with my laptop and it worked flawlessly. Charging is easy and very fast. I gained about 1% battery life per minute. That’s fairly standard, but I still consider it very quick. In terms of cost, the iFans iPhone Battery Case is very affordable. There are other cases that offer the same type of benefits as a phone accessory but cost twice or even three times as much.

iFans iPhone Battery Case REVIEW

This is a rather exceptional case. I really love that it offers so much in the way of protection and battery backup. I did have one small issue with the case. I really like to charge my phone overnight on a charging dock. This case is a little too large to make a connection with a dock and because it uses a Micro USB connection, I would have to obtain a brand new dock. All in all, this is a really great case and it has a really cool look to it, too.

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