ieGeek Bluetooth LED Lightbulb provides music and lights from your phone to any light socket.

ieGeek Bluetooth LED Lightbulb ReviewOn the test bench at MacSources today is the ieGeek Bluetooth LED Lightbulb. This is an LED smart bulb that can fit in any standard light socket. For my tests, I am using it in an architect style drafting lamp on my work bench. The bulb is simple looking in its design. It looks like a standard LED bulb, but with a bright red finish and small vents around the bulb. The vents allow heat to escape and the music to play from the internal speaker. The color of the light can be adjusted with the companion app available from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. You can tell the light to pulse and change color with the music from your library. Unfortunately, this feature does not work with third party apps, but streaming music through the speaker worked fine in my tests.

The sound of the speaker is not fantastic, but it did surprise me how good it does sound given its small size and price point. The description on Amazon states that up to 10 bulbs can be controlled that the same time through the app. We only had one test unit so I can’t speak to the optional features of grouping lights together and streaming music through more than one bulb at once. This bulb would make an excellent choice to have on your desk for low light jobs and for streaming music. Given the audio quality, I think it would also work in tandem using a number of these in a room with recessed lighting.

ieGeek Bluetooth LED Lightbulb Review

The lightbulb is compatible with iOS and Android devices that have Bluetooth 4.0. In addition to playing music and creating a unique lighting environment, you can also schedule timers to turn your bulb on/off so that you can wake up to your favorite colors, or walk into a well-lit home. On the whole, I would say that the ieGeek Bluetooth LED Lightbulb is a solid product at a fair price.

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