With the iDisk, you’ll never run out of storage on iOS again.

I hear so many people complain about not having enough storage on their mobile device and I agree that it’s a struggle. Most people don’t realize how small a 16GB hard drive is when they go to buy their shiny new iPhone. And when you have a smaller hard drive, you have to deal with that overwhelming feeling you get when the ‘out of space’ warning appears on the screen. I have a 64GB iPhone and will still sometimes come across that dreaded message. Fortunately, mobile memory options have started to emerge like the iDisk from OLALA.

While there are several different options for mobile memory, OLALA has really done a good job with the design of iDisk. It’s got a sliding mechanism that pushes out either a Lightning connector for your iOS devices or a standard USB connector for transfer to your computer. The iDisk interface is meant to be ‘plug & play’ with very little set-up. There is a free app for use with the device which allows you to not only manage your data transfer but also gives you the option to record directly to the iDisk using the ‘Take Photo/Take Video’ feature of the app. iDisk transfers data with USB 3.0 speeds – reading up to 110 MS/s and writing up to 40 MB/s. iDisk also gives you the option to protect your data a password lock. You can secure the entire drive or individual files.

iDisk Mobile Memory a Great Way to Expand iOS Storage REVIEW

I’ve had the opportunity to use a few different styles of storage devices designed for iOS. I love the idea of them, but the fact is that some are just better than others. iDisk is definitely one of the better mobile memory units I’ve used. I’ve been using it for about a week and it’s been great. The device itself is very solid. It’s a really, really well-built flash drive and it’s small enough to still fit in your pocket.

Even though OLALA’s specs for the iDisk state USB 3.0 speeds, I had some times where transferring media between my iPhone and the drive were slowed for some reason. I don’t know what the lag was caused by, but it did not happen all the time. It was just a sporadic occurrence. Even with that lag issue, I would still prefer to use this over other mobile memory solutions. I already have plans to use this during my travels to CES in January 2017 and also while I’m at the show. I plan to load it up with music and movies for the flight and then use it at the show when my iPhone fills up with video interviews. iDisk makes it very easy to transfer media over to the drive so I shouldn’t lose any time and I should be able to keep shooting.

iDisk Mobile Memory a Great Way to Expand iOS Storage REVIEW

For the cost, the 64GB iDisk is probably the best solution in the market for mobile memory. I’ve been very impressed with it and it would be an affordable option for mobile device user who need additional storage space.

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