Makes controlling devices in your home easier.

iDevices Switch Review 3I will admit that I’ve been somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to home automation. Sometimes it seems like a whole lot of work just to be able to tell your phone to do something for you. But, my opinion has started to change with devices coming out like the Switch from iDevices.

This handy home automated product allows you to control any device you have with your phone. Switch is a HomeKit-enabled connected plug. It plugs into your regular wall outlet and then your home devices plug into it. Switch sort of acts as a pass-through for the wall outlet’s power, but before it sends power to your device, your phone has to tell it what to do. It’s designed to make it easier to control the devices in your home (15 amps or less) like lamps, fans, crockpots, space heaters, etc. from anywhere using Siri or the iDevices Connected app.

iDevices Switch Review 4Out of the box, the Switch just looks like a power adapter that would come with most mobile devices. It has a side facing outlet, which means that it’s easier to fit behind furniture and has a customizable nightlight included. Getting started with Switch is pretty easy. Start by downloading the iDevices Connected app from the iTunes App Store. It’s a free app that is designed to work with iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Once it’s installed, plug the Switch into the wall.

From this point, you have to make sure the Switch is connected to your home WiFi network. You should be able to connect to WiFi through your iDevices Connected app. This is actually a fairly painless process. As long as your Switch connects successfully to your WiFi, the app will walk you through the remaining set-up steps included connecting it to HomeKit.

iDevices Switch Review 5We only have one of the Switches, but have found it quite useful. We immediately plugged in a light that is in our curio cabinet and asked Siri to turn the lamp on. The light clicked on and we haven’t looked back since. While I’m not entirely sure about using these plug throughout the house, I do like the convenience of using it for something like a hard to reach plug or light switch, like our curio cabinet. This will also come in very useful when we have our Christmas Tree set-up.

I have tried out other ‘smart’ plugs like the Belkin WeMo Switches and have found the iDevices Switch to be much more user friendly. On the rare occasions I’ve had to reconnect it or reset it, it’s much easier to get up and running than the WeMos and connection to HomeKit has been very easy.

Even though there are some limitations – only iOS users can really enjoy this device – I think it’s a very smooth way to transition your home to being ‘smarter.’

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