Introducing, Ideally Notes for Mac – the idea keeper.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite new apps for Mac – Ideally Notes.

Ideally Notes is a menu bar utility app that allows users make notes and keep note-related files in one place. According to its developers, Ideally Notes isn’t just for storing notes, it’s an idea keeper! Ideally Notes version 1.0 was released on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 in the Mac App Store. Developers currently have the app priced at $4.99, which is 25% off the regular price as a release promotion.

To start, I would like to say Ideally Notes rates very high with me in ease of use. The developers designed it to work with the Mac’s natural elements like hotkeys, swipe gestures, animations and drag and drop navigation. This makes Ideally Notes have the feel of a native application rather than a third-party app.

Ideally Notes is also a very clean app. It’s simplistic in that you open the app, create a note and type. The interface is a familiar yellow note pad and there aren’t a lot of options to confuse users. It’s a note-taking app and it doesn’t try to be anything else.

The most impressive feature and what makes Ideally Notes stand out to me is the file collection aspect. Ideally Notes allows users to store files inside notes. This is wonderful for workflow purposes. There have been many times when I’ve gathered project files together in a folder and created a separate text file with all the notes included. This is a much better option you can review the notes prior to opening any files.

Files that are stored within a note can be opened directly from that note. I’ve only tested this with a few files, but I can say it’s quite snappy when opening from the note pad. I would imagine that the more files that are stored in the app, the slower the response might be, but I don’t know that for sure. It is recommended that users don’t attempt to store any files larger than 200 Mb.

Another feature I like is that when you store a file within the note, it doesn’t copy the file – it moves it. This is a great idea considering how many files get duplicated simply by reorganization. Unfortunately, when you want to move a file from the note pad, the only option at this time is to copy it to another location. I would like to see this become a drag and drop action like it is when you add a file to a note. This would prevent duplicate files from being made.

One concern I had when I realized that files were being moved was back-up and storage amount. The developers of Ideally Notes thought about that, too, because the app syncs with Dropbox. Any time you want to restore from Dropbox, it’s a one-click action after you link your Dropbox account.

In addition to be able to keep files together with your thoughts, you can also share and save notes as a zip file – keeping all the elements together. Separate files can be shared directly from the note pad by right-clicking on the element.

One of the preferences that you can set with Ideally Notes is location of the window. I currently have mine set to always appear above other applications, but that may not be ideal for all users. I like that the developers had the foresight to add that option.

I really enjoy finding apps that make work easier and make me more productive in the process. Ideally Notes is definitely one of those apps. I recommend this app to anyone who has a file-driven work flow.

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