Users unable to send mail – may take up to 24 hours to fix.

Shortly after the Apple event this morning, I started experiencing some problems sending mail from my iCloud-based mail account. After troubleshooting everything on my side of the computer, I gave Apple a call to see if they would be able to help. Just a few minutes ago, I concluded a phone call with an Apple Senior Advisor who stated that they have an iCloud outage and it’s an emergent issue that is being worked on. You will be able to receive iCloud mail, but not send it unless you visit through a web browser according to the Apple advisor I spoke with.

If you visit it will show that iCloud is operating normally, but the advisor I spoke with said that they haven’t been able to change the status page yet because they just started working on the problem. The page hasn’t been updated to reflect the outage yet. If you visit or you will see that they are catching reports of email outages.

As of publishing this post, I am still having issues with sending email from my iCloud email and I even tried to send it from Even though Apple advisors are suggesting that might be a way around this problem, I’m not sure it will work in all cases. Apple told me that they may need up to 24 hours to fix the issue.


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