Catch your copy & paste it later with iClip.


When researching all day you will find that Copy and Paste is like riding a bike. It becomes second nature. Command + C, Command + V – I can’t even begin to guess how many times throughout my day I have used these shortcuts. Unfortunately, I’ve found that many times I’ve copied over text that I planned to paste. Because of that, I’ll waste time trying to find something I pasted so I can copy it again. Maybe it’s a snip-it of code or RGB color code even our social media links that I want to quickly paste rather than typing it all out. When finding software that helps with my productivity by eliminating time wasted searching for something I’ve already copied, why not take full advantage of it? iClip by Irradiated Software does just that.

iClip-4iClip is a specialized app for clipboard management. It allows you to save and organize copied text into what is referred to as Clip Sets and Clipboard Recorder. Clipboard Recorder is the spot where text gets saved when copying on your Mac. It will store a copy history up to the last 99 things you copied. It’s basically the answer to your Mac’s clipboard limit of one. Clip Sets are how you group your clippings together. They can be named and stored for quick access anytime.

To access iClip on your Mac, simply slide your cursor to the side of the screen where it lives and the iClip Window will appear. It’s behavior is very similar to the Dock on the Mac. To use it, you simply act normally and copy/paste as usual. When you have activated iClip on your computer, it will automatically begin storing your copy history based on your shortcut commands. In addition to the copy/paste commands on your computer, iClip also works with drag and drop. iClip will not only store clippings of text, but also picture files and will show pop-up previews from the iClip Window.

iClip-3I’ve noticed Irradiated Software doesn’t add bells and whistles you don’t need and that’s a good thing. They make software that works and looks great while doing so. They take pride in the meticulous design and solid UI and that’s one of the reasons I love it.

Irradiated Software gives you the option to copy many things into one place before having to paste. With iClip there is no need to jump back and forth from the copy destination to a text file to store your pasted text. Just copy copy copy and once finished slide your cursor over to iClip and know your text is waiting for you.

iClip is currently on version 5.1.1 and retails for $18.99.

You can find more great software at Irradiated Software.