iClever's Dual USB Wall Charger Review 3

Solid wall charger is a good backup for factory original.

I am a huge fan of multi-port wall chargers. There are six people living in my apartment right now, and we all have smartphones. The one outlet near the couch in the common area is prime real estate to park chargers of said phones. Products like iClever’s Dual USB Wall Charger make living with 5 other people a tad easier.

The two-port wall charger features foldable prongs and, more importantly, SmartID technology to maximize charging speed for your device, whether it’s an iPhone, Android device, or (theoretically) anything else that has a USB charging cord. Each port has a 5V/2.4A maximum output. Since the charger utilizes that nifty SmartID tech, it doesn’t matter where what is plugged in or not plugged in. Use either or both of the ports, and you’ll still get powered up. The inside of the USB ports glows blue when the charger is plugged in (and the light lingers for about 15 seconds after unplugging the thing), so you know when it is connected to power.

iClever's Dual USB Wall Charger Review 4This charged my Samsung Galaxy S5 about 1% every minute when charging only the one device. Charging two devices simultaneously is not supposed to affect either’s charging speed, but I added my roommate’s iPhone 5C to the second port, and the addition seemed to slow a few things down on my end. In the 42 minutes both devices were charging, my phone went from 82% to 99% while the iPhone jumped from 66% to 94% in the same amount of time. Still about 1% per minute, but now spread over two devices, which is not ideal.

iClever's Dual USB Wall Charger Review 5Overall, the iClever Dual USB Wall Charger is a wall charger. Its product description on the user manual assures me that it is “built with industry grade materials and premium circuitry” and “meets the rigorous safety standards of electronic devices,” and that’s good enough for me. Though I probably won’t be using this for my primary charger, it will be used.

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