iClever Tri-folding Bluetooth Keyboard: Turn your Tablet into a Tablet-Top

iClever Tri-folding Bluetooth Keyboard ReviewI have had a tablet for nearly the past 5 years of my life. I started with the iPad 2 (which is still functional despite its 3/11/2011 release date). My children now use this for YouTube, for games and for fun in general. About a year ago, I upgraded to an iPad Air 2 and have not regretted this since that point. Even at 1.5 years old (released 10/2014) now, this device is still amazing. I love the portability, the utility and the versatility of the machine. This is my main movie watching platform, Internet surfing device and serves as my tablet-top (laptop tablet), my photo review platform. How can this device perform all of these tasks? Accessories make the tablet even more amazing. Instead of buying a laptop, I have paired my iPad Air 2 with a Logitech Bluetooth IPad keyboard. I have really loved this keyboard, as the keys are responsive and it gives you the feel of a full keyboard. Not only is the keyboard very responsive, a good weight to not slide when you use it, and good on battery life, the keyboard case serves a very helpful dual role of tablet stand.

The iClever, a hisgadget brand, keyboard comes packaged in a 8 1/4″ X 6 7/16″ X 1 inch cardboard box, labeled with copper brown wording. I have reviewed a few products from this company and it appears that this is their style for packaging. On the cover is a QR code, which takes you to www.iClever.com. This product is intended to be a wireless/wired keyboard for use with Windows, IOS and Android platforms. I personally would like some additional pizazz in the packaging of the products, as the product deserves to be showcased. Flipping the box over, you can see some contact information with contact information for North America and Europe.

Opening the lid of the package you can see a grey drawstring sack, nestled inside of cardboard base. Removing the entire packaging, you have a warranty card behind the drawstring bag and the instructions manual. Beneath the cardboard is the USB A to USB micro style charger for the keyboard.

Instruction Manual:
The instruction manual for the IC-BKO5 keyboard is written in English, German, Italian and Chinese. I cannot speak to the quality of the other languages but the English is acceptable with some translation difficulty. It is easy to read, although there are some obvious errors in word/verb translation. Starting out, the manual details the features, has a really nice diagram of the buttons of the device. The manual details the LED lights at the top of the keyboard: power indicator, labelled “Power”, the status indicator, labelled “State” and the Caps Lock Indicator “Caps.” The manual explains Operation Instruction and also provides some special notes about keyboard function.

iClever Tri-folding Bluetooth Keyboard Review

The Device:
To start, unfold the silver keyboard. You will immediately notice that there are magnets at the four corners of the keyboard and along the closing surface. This holds the keyboard together nicely. When you unfold the keyboard, the magnetic side pieces serve as foldout legs. These allow the keyboard to rest flat. The keyboard is a full size laptop keyboard, has uniform key spacing, and a nice full size space bar. It is very easy to type on, and is quite comfortable. I really like the color scheme of the keyboard. The backing is silver, the keyboard is black and the lettering is silver as well.

When you unfold the keyboard the LED lights at the top will show for several seconds and then turn off. The power will turn green, the state will turn blue and will then turn off. If the battery is low, the keyboard will flash red to remind you. While charging the LED will remain lit and red. Pairing seems like it should be straightforward. However, this was not as easy as it seemed as the wireless icon was difficult to find. The keyboard has 2 pairing options, wired and wireless. To activate wireless, press the FN button the “1” key. To pair the device press the FN button and the “C” key. Go into setting on your device and you will see iClever keyboard. When successful, the blue light under “State” on your keyboard will turn off. To activate wired mode, unfold the keyboard and push Fn and “2” key.

iClever Tri-folding Bluetooth Keyboard Review

I really like this Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard and the LED backlit system. I feel that the LED at the top are actually refreshing and non obnoxious. The backlit LED illuminate the keyboard very well, which is another nice feature of this keyboard. Essentially, the lighting is bright enough to show you the indicator, but does not blind you. There are some quick functions, such as the house/escape key, along the top left, that will take you home for IOS and Android. The F1 key has a magnifying glass that will pull up the search option. You can see power indicator (green LED on the keyboard) by pushing FN + Alt (battery). The F5 copy, F6 paste and F7 cut are really convenient for typing this review. They let you manage and move text much easier. You can activate the backlit function by holding Fn and the left side alt (lightbulb). Press the combo again, to make the backlit brighter. Press this combo yet again, to turn it off. While on, you can hold FN, left alt (lightbulb) and tap the up or down arrows to change the colors from Blue, Green, Red.  I am also really appreciate the inclusion of a delete key and a backspace key.

The keyboard will attempt to conserve power and will enter sleep mode if left alone for 10 minutes. The keys are rated at 3million clicks, which I do not think I will ever see. The keys are soft enough on the touch pad, they have the normal F and J raised ridges and they are very responsive. The keyboard measures at 11 1/2″ by 4 1/8″ by 5/16″ tall unfolded (291x117x8.25mm). Folded the keyboard is 6 1/2″ X 4 5/8″ X 5/8″ (166x120x14.8mm). Despite the amazing qualities of the keyboard, there is one aspect that is lacking and that is a quality tablet stand to use. I agree that this is not the job of the keyboard to provide this service. However, my previous keyboard case doubled as a tablet stand, and I am now spoiled. There are numerous tablet stand covers that would work as well.

iClever Tri-folding Bluetooth Keyboard Review

The drawstring bag is classy and serves to protect the outer part of the aluminum casing very well. The device seems to be fully charged by 3 hours and has a 750 mAh internal battery. This is supposed to have 300 hours time without backlit and 5 hours with backlit. It came charged, I have used the backlit feature writing this review and the power indicator began to flash red after about 2.5 hours. I charged it for about 3 hours and have not had to charge it again. This is the third product form iClever that I have tested, and I am a big fan of the company. They seem to make quality gear. I rate this at 5/5. Again, consider getting a tablet stand or having some form of tablet stand as this does not have any way to hold your screen. They keys are amazingly responsive and overall the device is incredibly comfortable. You should consider buying one of these amazing little keyboards.

For more information, visit iclever.com/keyboard.
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