The iClever USB Wall Charger, model IC-TC06, will allow you to enjoy fully charged devices when you want them.

We live in a USB powered world and I am swimming in USB powered devices.  It is frustrating to need to charge my iPad Air 2, iPhone 7 Plus, while my children want to charge their iPad Mini 4’s.  My drone charges via USB, my camera and flash charge via USB, my Apple watch charges via USB, and my OxyLED motion lights are charged via USB.  You get the point.  Despite there being numerous outlets in my home, it seems that there is one main outlet, per room, that is the “Highlander” outlet.  Basically, there can be only one, the one that rules them all.  To solve the outlet “Tetris” fiasco, iClever has created a line of multi USB chargers.  When each outlet is wired to a circuit capable of 15-20 Amps, it does not make sense to charge a single device, via a single outlet.  If you are using an item with high amp requirement, like a window unit, microwave, blender, hairdryer or curling iron, you may not want to put much else on that circuit.  There is a reason that your main HVAC, washer/dryer etc are usually on their own larger breaker.  For my other circuits, It is a general rule that I do not have single USB bricks plugged into my outlets.

clever USB wall charger
The iClever Model IC-TC06 is an upgrade to the previous smart dual outlet wall charger. The previous device measured roughly 2-inch square by 1 1/8″ thick and weighs 3 oz.  The current device, following the trend to make tech smaller, measures 1 9/16″ square by 1 1/8″ thick and weighs 1.5 ounces.  It appears that the thickness is mostly limited by the need to have the type A prong outlet.  I am pleased that they kept the retractable A type outlet.  I am also pleased that the device follows the same color scheme and is a glossy white with a black logo “iClever.”  You will no longer see the listed “2.4A” about each of the USB output ports.  Now, along the middle of the charger, you will find “Smart ID.”   The device is capable of accepting 100-240V 50/60Hz 300mA input and provides dual port 5V/2.4A output.  The included SmartID tech intelligently identifies your device and provides the ideal amount of power to charge it.  The device guarantees maximal charging speed without having to pick and choose between any given ports. NO matter the brand, no matter the device, if it is USB powered, the iClever charger will provide the best power output to the device.

Similar to other iClever devices, the product suffers from generic/bland packaging.  I really wish that the company would jazz up their plain cardboard box, as their products tend to be very well made.  The included user manual details the features of the SmartID, which is not much different than what I summarized above.  You also will get similar dimensions, product specifications etc.  It is well written and I appreciate the inclusion of the manual in the package.  You will also find a warranty card, which promises 24 hour response time, 30-day money back guarantees, 18-month replacement and a lifetime support guarantee.

iclever dual USB charger

You can expect roughly 1% per minute charging initially (up to about 50% on your device) and then you can get roughly 1% every 1.5 minutes.  The devices tend to charge more quickly, at the onset of charging and will tend to slow down.  Using my Drok USB charger, I found each port to output 5V at anywhere from 1-2A.  With the smartID technology, each port charges at the optimal rate for your given device.  You can plug whatever you want into each port and not worry about the device.  This is convenient for an office, dorm, bedroom etc., as the height does not block either of the outlets.  No matter if you plug this into the top or bottom wall outlet, you still have access to the other port.  Using the device from last year and this current model, I can charge 4 devices at once on a single outlet.  I truly enjoy the flexibility that multi-charger hubs/outlets provide.  This device does not overheat, does not feel hot in the hands while charging.  If you are looking for a device to enhance your charging options, definitely give iClever a strong consideration.

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