The iClever Mini Dual Port Car Charger provides maximal power to your devices, for a maximal charge.

With the number of powered devices on the rise, a single USB port car charger is inadequate.  Are you aware that a typical cigarette outlet is capable of supplying roughly 15 Amps?  This is just about the same amperage output as a standard home on a 15A circuit.  It is important to remember  that current is on-demand and only drawn upon when requested by the device.  Some larger vehicles have 20Amp circuits and some of the smaller may even have 10Amp.  Either way, most of our devices charge at roughly 1-2Amps.  It is for this reason that I will not even consider a single USB port in my car cigarette lighter.  If you have a Garmin/GPS unit, a spouse/significant other with a phone, a backup camera or dashcam, and a phone of your own, there are likely not enough ports to charge/use all of your devices.  iClever provides a great option in the Mini Dual Port Car Charger.

iClever BOOSTDRIVE Mini Dual Port Car Charger REVIEW

The product arrived in a 3 1/4″ x 3 1/4″ x 1 1/16″ plain cardboard box, similar to most other iClever devices.  I have commented multiple times about the plain packaging and that this was a prominent area needing attention.  The cover of the package shows the iClever logo, but this time provides the name of the device, the model and provides an ink outline of the device.  This is a much-improved attention towards the buyer.  I want to know what I am buying and bland packaging is not going to cause the average consumer to pick your device.  I do commend the company for this updated look.  There is an SKU sticker with manufacturer date on one side and the opposing side has a sticker with a UPC barcode and abbreviated description of the device.  The back displays the standard product logos.

Opening up the top flap of the packaging, you will notice a white dual port USB car charger, encased in a thin semi-transparent plastic.  The device is elegant in its simplicity.  The white casing and silver connection points are definitely eye catching.  The device has 2 USB A ports, each capable of supplying 2.4Amps.  This is powerful enough to charge modern day tablets.  The device weighs an amazing 0.4 ounces and measures 1 7/8″ long.  The boxy USB portal end measures at 1″ by 7/8″.

iClever BOOSTDRIVE Mini Dual Port Car Charger REVIEW

The instruction manual is very well written and does a good job at describing the product and specifically the SmartID Technology.  The device is a 4.8A dual port car charger adaptor, that is reported to be the worlds smallest and most powerful dual charger.  It further details the ability to charge both simultaneously and at full speed.  The SmartID tech allows each port to identify the device and to provide the maximum power that the device requests. Using a Drok USB multimeter, I found that each port allowed my iPhone 7 to charge at 1.7A.  This was whether or not I also plugged in my wife Samsung Galaxy S6.  I do have a dash cam, which I often utilize while driving.  It was convenient to charge my phone while using this device.  The device did not get hot even after a 1-hour drive to and from work.

iClever BOOSTDRIVE Mini Dual Port Car Charger REVIEW

In summary, this device lives up to the quality of the iClever line of products.  It does exactly what it says it will do on the packaging.  There are other devices that can charge 3 and 4 devices.  My personal opinion, as stated above, is that you need at least a 2 port charger.  I do not know that you will find a better dual-port option than the iClever BoostDrive.  I rate the device at 5/5 stars.

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