iClever Dual Port 4.8A BoostCube is capable of charging two devices at optimal speeds.

Is it not amazing how fast-paced life has become.  As smartphone tech has developed, software has advanced and our phones have become intimately involved with all aspects of our life.  Despite the larger batteries in our devices, our usage has outpaced battery tech.  It is unfortunate that instead of measuring days per charge, we are now often measuring charges per day.

Most of our USB powered devices are shipped with an AC adapter, converting AC current into a 10-12W DC power supply, to charge a device.  These typically will provide 1-2A of current to a single device.  Personally, this is unacceptable, when a standard outlet is typically part of a 15A circuit.  Depending on how old your home is, there may be multiple outlets on a circuit, but a single device blocking a single outlet is wasteful.

iClever Boostcube

Clever, from Hisgadget, provides a Dual Port USB Wall Charger as part of its BoostCube series.  I have previously reviewed a similar iClever product on macsources.com, “Dual USB Wall Charger“.   At this time it appears that this is an upgraded, more portable remodel of their dual USB charger.  The devices are very similar, yet shaped differently.  I prefer the newer device based on size and packaging.  The product arrives in a  rectangular cardboard box, measuring 3 3/4″ by 3 1/4″ by 1 1/4”.  Surrounding the plain cardboard box is a white and blue slip cover.  The front panel shows the charger model IC-WB21W and a small representation of the product.  Turning the packaging to the reverse side, you will find the product specifications.  The input is 100-240V 50/60Hz at 0.6A and the dual output provides 5V 2.4A output.  The device measures 2.2×1.87 x 1.1 inches and weighs 2.47 oz.

Within the packaging, iClever provides a Warranty Card, a 4-panel user guide, and the device.  This warranty card suggests 24 hour response time, 30-day money back guarantees, 18-month replacement warranty, lifetime support guarantee. Additionally, there is a list of emails for returns.  The manual details the 94V0 fire-proof material, the folding prong and the small discrete charger with SmartID technology.  With this tech, each port will provide the maximum speed charge for your device.   With current overflow protection and auto stop features, the product is designed to keep your gear safe from damage. If the output current range is >2.7-3.2A or the Voltage is above 6.3V, the iClever device will turn off.  I plugged my iPhone 7 plus into a Dork USB tester and found 4.96 (5) V/1.63A output to my phone.  I then plugged my phone directly into the device and plugged my iPad Air 2 into the Drok into the other port.  While my phone was charging at ~1% per minute, my iPad Air 2 was charging at 4.98V/2.01A.  This is a very reasonable finding. Both devices were charging and it appeared to be at an optimal rate.

The iClever BoostCube device is very sleek and attractive.  You can utilize either port for any of your devices with confidence. The device is designed for portability with the lightweight and small size.  Thankfully, iClever did not skimp on the safety features, when they created the device.  I am a huge fan of folding prongs.  Additionally, the device is made to utilize both the upper or lower panel on any given wall outlet, without blocking other ports. If you are tired of single port options, definitely give this iClever Boostcube 2 port charger a chance.  Honestly, this would be perfect for travel and for the techie in your family.  It will not quick charge android devices, which may be a bit of a letdown.  However if you know that going into the purchase, it should matter less.  The product never claims to quick charge.  Even though this device seems to be an upgrade of their previous dual port USB Wall charger, they did a great job.  The iPhone 7 plus will reach charging speeds of ~2A with the 12W iPad charger.  However, you can expect about 1.6-1.7A output with this device on your iPhone 7 plus.  Again, I tested this while charging an iPad air 2 as well (reached 2A charging).  Just remember that

iClever BoostCube Output
The product is smaller and yet provides the same charging capabilities.  Even their website interchanges images of both devices under the same heading.  I had a very positive experience with iClever gear and this device does not disappoint.  I would rate it at 5/5 stars.

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