iClever 4-Port USB Wall Charger provides ample charging ports for your many devices.

I have tested numerous wall chargers, from a variety of companies. There are a few things that I now expect from a charger. As we tend to have numerous USB charging devices, from phones, to tablets, to fitness trackers, etc., we need to have a charging option that is available for our technology. Thus, I need my chargers to provide multiple charging ports. I want them to be fast chargers and I want the device to fold up nicely. Thankfully, iClever has an option to fulfill your every charger desire.

iClever, a HisGadget brand, provided me with a few options to solve the clutter problem. I had the luxury of reviewing their dual port USB Wall Charger, and now I am able to sample the 40W, 8.0A charger. The 4-port Wall charger comes in a 3 3/4″ long x 3 7/16″ wide x 1 3/8″ tall cardboard box, labeled with copper brown wording. Not unlike its little brother, the Dual USB charger, the packaging is bland, but details the product. The packaging seems well made and protective. Opening up the box, you will find the white 4-Port USB charger, an instruction manual and a warranty card, detailing a 12 month warranty on the product. The user manual is well written, in easily understandable English. Removing the device from the plastic, you are introduced to the 40 W 8.0A (2.4A X 4 outlet) smart charging hub.

iClever4-Port USB Wall Charger Review, the Big Brother to the Dual USB Wall Charger

The Device:
The technology incorporates the latest smartID technology. This allows each port to identify the appropriate charging power for your device. This will allow you to charge four USB, USB A to micro or lightening, powered devices, at their maximum/ideal charging rate. The product takes AC 100-240V input and outputs this at 5V 2.4A up to 8A max. The devices measures at 2 7/16″ x 2 7/16″ x 1 1/16″ in size and weighs in at 4.4 oz, according to my scale (4.37 oz in manual). The device is a standard white charging cube, with black lettering “iClever”on one of the sides. The other side is smooth glossy white. As a plus, just like with the dual charger, this device has foldable prongs, which is convenient for portability. I, as a consumer, appreciate the ability for the prongs to be tucked into the structure. This prevents catching on bags/luggage and bending of the prongs, or damaging of the bag. On the side opposite the foldable prongs are the 4 USB A output ports. On the bottom is listed the information about the device and the specifications/approvals. The device plugs into standard American wall outlets easily. Plugging my iPhone 6S plus, my wife’s Galaxy S5 and my iPad Air 2 into the device, via USB to lightning and Micro cables, allowed each to charge at just about 1% per minute. I also charged a set of Bluetooth headphones, and they all charged very quickly. The 2 phones charged at out 1% per minute.

iClever4-Port USB Wall Charger Review, the Big Brother to the Dual USB Wall Charger

I have previously detailed the benefits to the dual USB wall charger and this 4-Port system expands upon those benefits. I am pleased to state that there is no “right” port to use for a given device. However, this can only output max 8A across all 4. This did not decrease this device in my eyes. I enjoy being able to plug whatever I need to be charged, into any available port. The device is a good size, has foldable prongs and does everything it claims to do. It has the FCC mark, the European standard Mark “CE” (allows to be sold in European Union), the house symbol means it is for indoor use only, the double square means it is double insulated, and the trashcan with an X through it means do not throw the device away. Overall this product performs well and does what it claims to do. I have found no fault with the device. Just like the Dual Port USB wall charger, the 4-Port also warms up with charging, but does not get overtly hot. It has charged every device I have tested it with (numerous) as fast if not faster than their provided cables/charges. I rate this device at 5/5. Lastly, although I also rated the Dual USB Wall charger as a 5/5, I actually like the specifications of the 4 port better.

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