The world’s most comfortable tablet stand.

Tablet stands come in all shapes and sizes, but one place I’ve always had an issue using one is lying in bed. Most stands are rigid and don’t allow for flexibility in those types of places. This very reason is why I don’t typically take my iPad to bed or out on the porch to read – because I can’t get comfortable. For this very reason, I quickly fell in love with iBeani.

iBeani iPad Stand REVIEW

iBeani is a tablet stand that you can take with you anywhere and be comfortable while using it. The product designers at iBeani had the same problem I was having and decided to make a quality product to solve it. Each iBeani tablet stand is handmade in the United Kingdom and is in the shape of – you guessed it – a bean bag. It’s mobile and works on many different surfaces and because of its unique design, it can be used on a kitchen counter as easily as a hammock. The fabric is durable and easily cleaned (spot cleaning is recommended). iBeani also provides some unique health benefits as people who suffer from shoulder or joint pain will have less stress on their arm and should joints while they use the bean bag.

iBeani iPad Stand REVIEW iBeani iPad Stand REVIEW

When my iBeani arrived, the first thing I noticed was how incredibly lightweight the bag was. Because it’s so light, it’s easily packed away into a suitcase for travel. iBeani also has a convenient carrying handle that makes it easy for transporting it from place to place. I tested it out using my iPad Air 2 and my iPhone 6. Even though iBeani is designed for full-sized tablets, it also works with smartphones. There are many times at night that I will read through news using my phone so it was a great benefit to me to be able to use the iBeani instead of holding the phone above my head while I was laying in bed. I found with my iPad it was very easy to watch videos and skim through word documents while I was relaxing on the couch. Even though I typically keep my iPad in a case, it sometimes doesn’t work well unless it’s on a hard surface like a desk or table. iBeani made it possible for me to continue using my iPad on my lap without having to remove the case.

iBeani iPad Stand REVIEW

I think iBeani is a must have for any tablet owner. It is just so convenient and a wonderful accessory for your tablet or eReader. You can easily prop up your favorite device for reading, watching movies, or even working. iBeani makes using a tablet comfortable again. iBeani comes in numerous color choices to fit every personality and style.

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