Hyper gives you one handpicked video every hour in one beautiful place.

One handpicked video every hour. It’s like Tinder for videos – see the best videos and just swipe to discover more. Every time you swipe left (dismiss) or right (save), Hyper gets smarter about what videos you like and adjusts to your preferences.

Hyper brings an exciting and fun experience watching videos on your mobile phone. From trending stand-up shows to how-to’s and explainers, hyped news and just entertainment videos. The content is being been hand selected out of thousands, the developer claims that you’ll be watching only the freshest, dopest, most informative and funniest stuff on the planet. That’s awesome, the guys are really keen on picking the best videos and keeping the content interesting.

Hyper iOS App REVIEW

That’s amazingly easy to share videos on social networks, and especially via iMessage using the apps’ extension.

There’re some settings, but just a few to better suit your video watching routine. But the design of the app is so nice and the usability is so perfect, that no unnecessary options are added.

Hyper iOS App REVIEW

Hyper is featured on the App Store as Editor’s Choice and covered by dozens of outlets. Meanwhile, the app was published more than a year ago and was already acknowledged as one of the best apps of the year 2015.

Overall, Hyper is a go-to app whenever you’re bored. The best place to discover tons of entertaining new videos.

The app is available for iPhone (including an extension for iMessage), iPod, iPad, and Apple TV.

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For more information, visit watchhyper.com.
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