Pillow provides support and comfort for weary heads.

Hullo Pillow Review 3For quite some time I’ve struggled with finding just the right pillow. Standard pillows have always given me neck and back pain because my head isn’t properly supported. The pillows I’ve used have retained too much heat making it uncomfortable for me to relax while I sleep. And, I wake up with headaches much of the time because the pillow loses its cushion and becomes much to firm against my bed. At first, I thought that some of my aches and pains were in fact caused by my mattress. After multiple mattress changes in only four years, I discovered that the issue was in fact my choice of pillow.

Even though I have tried many different styles of pillows – regular stuffing, memory foam, etc. – I found myself looking one more time and finding the Hullo Buckwheat Pillow.

The buckwheat pillow is not a new concept. They have been popular throughout Asia for some time and have helped many people get more restful sleep. They have been known to help eliminate headaches, plus back and neck pain. When I heard about Hullo Pillows and how they embody this style, I did additional research and discovered that buckwheat hulls are also breathable and since they are malleable, they conform to your body. Thus, these pillows support your head and neck better than the standard pillow.

Hullo Pillow Review 4When I first received the pillow, I was shocked at the weight. In fact, it was a bit concerning. According to a blog post on hullopillow.com, a standard size pillow (20 x 26) can actually weigh up to 9 pounds. This was no surprise to me after lifting mine. In fact, I thought it would be perfect for a pillow fight.

The pillow I was using before the Hullo was a Serta Memory Foam pillow. It was pretty close to perfect. In fact, when I had to have surgery to have my appendix removed, I insisted on having that pillow with me because the hospital pillows were so flat and lifeless. I honestly don’t think my recovery time would have been as successful has I not had my own pillow with me. I really didn’t think I would be switching away from that pillow until the Hullo arrived.

I’ve been using it every night for a little over a week now and have not had any headaches like I used to, experienced neck and back pain, or been uncomfortable due to heat since I started using it. The Hullo Pillow has taken over the memory foam pillow’s spot as my head’s resting place of choice.

Hullo Pillow Review 5

Buckwheat Hulls

Something else I want to touch on is that the Hullo pillow is 100% made in the U.S.A. The buckwheat hulls are grown and milled by American farmers and the organic cotton twill cases are carefully sourced to ensure the finest materials are used to make these pillows the best possible product.

If you aren’t sure about whether or not the Hullo pillow is right for you, the company offers a 60-day money back guarantee. They do suggest using it for a weeks so that you adjust to it completely, but if you are unsatisfied, then you can get a full refund – no questions asked.

In my opinion, the Hullo Pillow is a worthy purchase. If you are one of the chronic sufferers of sleeping aches and pains like I was, then give this a try. The pillows range in price from $49 to $129, which is comparable to the higher-quality memory foam pillows from companies like Serta.

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