About a week ago I had to work on a computer with an hp network printer. I have not dealt with many of these and had to contact hp tech support to troubleshoot. Once I was on their website and entered some information about my problem and a chat support window popped up stating someone would be right with me. 5 mins went by….then 10…then 30-45, still no response. I closed out of the chat window. A week later I received an email:

I thought it was funny that a week later I get an email response thanking me for using their tech support…..so I replied:

What was their response???

Needless to say, this pissed me off. I wonder if this was just an automated response or someone from their clueless tech support team. I decided to respond and let them know how I felt about the situation….

To: HPSupport_Global@hp.com
Sent: 4/14/2011 2:58:02 PM
Subject: Re: <CASE:4628195583> 

I really dont have the time to wait forever to get in touch with someone. I just will not purchase any hp products in the future since this is not my first time dealing with hp. Crap outsourced tech support. It took a week to even respond that I even got on the chat support. 45 mins is ridiculous and I still never even had a person say “Ill be right with you.” Who knows how long it would have taken for someone to help me with my problem. And what the fuck kind of name is rakesh nair? That sounds like some sort of hair removal product? Thats quite coincidental seeing as the thought of dealing with hp chat support again makes me want to pull out my hair. Im sorry if this is coming across as a personal attack on you sir, I know the $3 an hour they must be paying you in india is not enough to deal with this however I can see why they use chat support instead of the phone seeing as having customers screaming at the top of their lungs must have been blowing out the speakers in your little headsets. Either way, not good enough hp, im done.

Sick and tired leaving customer.


To which I received an automatic response:

Case closed…problem resolved according to hp.

Of course I have not been a fan of hp/compaq for several years now, I have had 2 hp laptops that crapped out on me one lasting for 1 year and the other for a year and a 1/2. Also working on computers I run into more hp/compaq computers with serious hardware issues (Overheating/Motherboard Problems) than any other computer. Its situations like these that remind me why I love dealing with apple over any other computer company out there. Even if I believed hp/compaq/dell computers were of equivalent quality and reliability of macs, I would still pay a little more for mac just because of their excellent technical support. Anyone else have any tech support nightmares? Please share them in the comment section below. Also check out one of our favorite tech support spoofs brought to you by foamy the squirrel:

Written by Keven, former writer nccsites what was before MacSources