Macs aren’t always the first thing that comes to mind when you think of gaming computers. With a little effort and a few accessories, it’s nonetheless perfectly possible to transform your Mac into a classy games machine.

Clear out some space

If you’ve been using your Mac for a long time, the chances are that you’ve built up quite a range of applications, videos and photographs. Games require a lot of space, so the first thing to do is jettison apps that you no longer need. You can find out what’s taking up the most space by clicking “About This Mac” and then looking under storage. You’ll see a bar chart that highlights which applications are the biggest offenders, making it easy to clear space. Files like photographs and videos can easily be stored on iCloud, and external hard drives are an option, too. Regularly auditing and deleting unwanted files is best practice anyway, but an essential task if you plan to install games.

Keep the CPU running smoothly

Slightly more complex, but games put massive demands on your Mac’s CPU and RAM. Rather than worrying about upgrading, you can optimize your current computer to run smoothly even when it’s rendering the most complex games. Opening the Apple Menu you’ll notice the option to “Force Quit.” Pressing this will show you all the background tasks and apps currently running on the computer. Closing these means diverting RAM and CPU power back to your game, making for a smoother and more seamless experience without any crashes or slowdown. There are lots of applications available for clearing unwanted background tasks, too. 

Invest in headphones

Gamer headphones are the best way to ensure a fully immersive experience. Moreover, if you’re playing online multiplayer you’ll need headphones with a mic to communicate with other players. Don’t be tempted to go for budget options. Rather, search for the best gaming headphones on the market and work from there. Headphones designed specifically for gaming will deliver crystal clear, defined sound, even in the busy environments of games like Call of Duty or Fortnite. Getting the right headphones makes you feel as though you’re in the game, bringing the experience of playing an RPG, spinning some online slots or even kicking back on Minecraft all the more absorbing. Avoid wireless headphones (with the exception of high end models) and ditch those tinny earbuds.

Choose a controller

This can be slightly more difficult because many joypads simply aren’t compatible with Apple Macs. Nonetheless, it is possible to find some that fit the bill. Opting for something like the Logitech F310 Gamepad will revolutionize your gaming experience and make your Mac feel like a fully fledged gaming computer. Retro controllers like the impressive Bit 8Bitdo RB8 will give you a hit of nostalgia. Keyboards and trackpads aren’t really designed to deliver the level of dexterity demanded by the average videogame, so controllers offer a much purer experience. They don’t have to break the bank and a premium quality design will last you for years.