Fix messed up typing.

I like to refer to this little How-To as Expecto Deleto (Harry Potter humor).

Let’s face it, we are lazy. Well, at least I feel lazy and regularly look for shortcuts. Why should I imprecisely depress the delete button or long touch then chose “select” vs. “select all”, when I can, with one hand, undo my typing? I can even potentially add some Harry Potter flourish if so desired.

Here is a quick tip to rapidly undo typing with just 1 hand.  It is so easy a Cave person can do it. (Let’s try to Keep it PC shall we?)

Step 1: Mess up a text or message.  We all do it, don’t be shy!
How-To: Shake Undo 3
Step 2: Shake your device.  Yes shake the device! This is a real thing.

Step 3:  A prompt will appear asking you if you want to undo typing.

How-To: Shake Undo 4

It will delete all that you just typed.   If it deletes too much, do not fret. Just shake again and you will get the option to undo, redo, cancel. This is not as precise as choosing “select” and then dragging the icons to the desired text.  However, it will do in a pinch.

How-To: Shake Undo 5