Today, when cybercrimes are rampant, users seek new ways of protection. After all, since we do so many things online – from banking to dating – our devices store a wealth of personal data. So, what can iPhone owners do to ramp up a defense against hackers?

Obviously, a few things that work with a PC apply to smartphones. For instance, you could browse the web using a virtual private network. For a list of such services, visit VPN-review or similar sites. Your connection to the internet will be encrypted and thus more secure. Here are five more tips. 

Prevent Theft

iPhones are impenetrable to viruses, but they are often stolen. Never leave your phone unattended. iPhone earbuds demonstrate to everyone that you own an iPhone, so consider different headphones. Finally, belt clips are a bad idea, as your phone may be easily pulled off. 

Passcode and Touch ID 

Turn on the built-in Passcode. If your phone supports fingerprint scanning or Face ID, do not neglect it. The need for such scanning to unlock the device is stronger protection than any four-digit passcode.

Find My iPhone

When an iPhone gets lost or stolen, this free iCloud feature is a great help. It will pinpoint the phone’s location using its GPS. 

Encrypt Backups

Today, even home Wi-Fi routers get hacked unless a reliable VPN is installed. Once your phone gets synced with a PC, the data is stored on both devices and can be accessed by third parties. Encrypted backups are password-protected, so it’s worth activating the feature via iTunes. 

No Jailbreaking 

Although jailbreaking allows users to customize their phones, it also messes up the security, making them vulnerable to viruses and malware. Stick to apps approved by Apple and don’t take risks.