Today’s many of the people in the world is familiar to track the others account. Once you are familiar with Google Analytics, you can easily track the others privacy without their knowledge. Today’s modern technology Tracking is a possible one. Because people involves all Social Media and other social activities. So many tools and software’s are available for tracking. Basically tracking is classified into different types such as personal tracker, asset tracker, cellular tracker and many. This type of activities is so malicious but people use this system for personal purpose. 


It is one of the software for different issues with iPhone and Android devices. It is used for Data transfer, backup, restore, recovering erased data’s and used to release unlock. It is all in one solution for iPhone users. This tool is the only platform for copying and deleting contacts, videos, images, and other files. 

Track on Facebook:

You may think, tracking someone on Facebook is possible or not? Yes, it is possible and simple. You no need to stain and difficult for Facebook tracking. You just learn some basics about tracking is enough? The basic thing is IP address, you find someone’s IP address means, and you can easily trace them without their knowledge. Today all are well known about what is Facebook? Yes, you’re right, it is one of the social media applications and it has billions of users in over the world. 


Spyzie application is the best choice for tracking someone on Facebook. It is one of the android applications for tracking. Millions of people in the world use this tracking application. This application is more compatible compared to another tracking device. May you saw many tracking application in today’s market but this Spyzie is the best one. Using this app you can view all files on species dashboard. There are many apps are available such as Spyzie app, Mspy, truth spy, Flexispy and many more. Simple steps for using this app

  • Create your Spyzie account.
  • Install the Facebook tracking app.
  • Then track the Facebook activity.

Hack Facebook message without password:

May you have many methods about how to hack Facebook messages without password? yes many ways are available for hacking, top Facebook spy applications are here. The applications such as Spyzie, Flexispy, mspy. This is the best solution for hacking someone conversation. A first simple method is hacking someone’s Facebook message by their phone number and email. These are really simple method compared to other option. This method does not have a password, you can access with a secret code. This code is easily reset their password. The steps are

  • Go the Facebook page, click the forgetting account option. 
  • Now you can see the new window, then it asks you to enter the registered email id or phone number option.
  • Later, you have to enter your email id or phone number, then you receive the code and using that code you can change the password. 
  • Hereafter you can access the Facebook account and read all the conversation. 

Now you got some idea about how to hack Facebook messages without password. But this method uses only one time because the original user is unable to access a new password set by a hacker. So they know someone accesses the account. This method is one of the choices and you can follow other methods as per your convenience.