How-to: Fix Screen Rotation for iPad in iOS 9 3Have you updated your iPad to iOS 9 and noticed it not wanting to rotate? I have and so have a few other people who have messaged me about it. It looks like on some iPads, iOS 9 got a little wonky and doesn’t allow smooth screen rotation into landscape mode.

One Twitter follow said he wiped his iPad Air 2 and restored from iCloud. I responded to him that restoring from iCloud would not fix this issue because an iCloud restore would be dragging whatever bug or clustered files right back to the device.

How-to: Fix Screen Rotation for iPad in iOS 9 4Once you have noticed your device not wanting to rotate or moving slowly, just open Settings > General then scroll to the bottom to Reset. There is no need to erase all the settings. Just do a reset of all settings. This will clean out any of the corrupt file settings that might be causing the iOS device to not work properly.

You could also try a hard reboot by holding down both the home button and the sleep/wake button until you see the Apple logo on the screen. That did not work for me, but I was told it did for others.

Sometimes in new versions of an OS, file structures can be slightly changed and depending on your device it might get stuck. It’s an easy fix and once it’s done you will get a nice clean experience using the new iOS 9.