Save yourself a headache and change the file type.

How-To: Extract Images from Pages Documents 3I recently found myself needing to extract several images from a Pages document and was at a loss. In Microsoft Word, saving out images is rather simple, you right-click on an embedded image and then you can save the picture out however you need to. But, with Pages, you don’t have that option. It can be downright cumbersome to try and pull images out of a Pages document manually, but fortunately, there is another way.

With previous versions of Pages, you could right-click on the file and Show Package Contents, but beginning with Pages ’09, documents within Pages are created as a Single File and that option is no longer there. This is simply an advanced setting that can be changed from inside Pages.

  1. Save your document.
  2. Go to the File Menu > Advanced.
  3. Select Change File Type.
  4. Select Package.
  5. Go to the file and right-click on it. The option to Show Package Contents should now be available and you can pull images out as needed.

If you think about the file as a container, then you are storing all the elements of that container in the Package Contents. You can pull elements out one by one, but if you do that, the file will no longer see those. With the case of images, the file is usually storing the full size version and the size that is shown in your document. Both of these files will appear in the Package Contents. You can easily see which is which by looking at the file size. The larger-sized files are the higher resolution versions.

Because removing these files can severely mess up your document and its layout, I would recommend copying any files you need rather than moving them. This is also an easy process. You can either select the file and select Copy from the Edit menu, or type Cmd + C and then paste what you’ve copied into a new location, or you can drag the file to a new location while holding the Option button on your keyboard.  A green + will appear to indicate that you are copying the file and not just moving it.
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