Some quick tips for how to fix a disappearing video camera in iOS.

How-To: Enable Video for iOS Camera App 4Yesterday, I discovered that the video option was missing from the Camera App on my iPhone 6. This was very concerning as I thought that I might be looking at a phone replacement situation. I tried all the standard troubleshooting options like rebooting the app, powering down/up the phone, etc. Unfortunately, none of these options worked. At one point, I saw video pop-up as an option, but then it disappeared again.

I finally found a solution for this problem and wanted to share it here since this is apparently an ongoing issue for iOS users.

How-To: Enable Video for iOS Camera App 5I was able to solve the problem by going into Settings > Privacy > Camera and disabling the last app that was allowed access to the phone’s Camera. The next time I went back to the camera, the video option was available. While I’m not sure what caused this, resetting the Privacy setting seems to have solved it.

In researching this problem I found that it’s a chronic problem for iOS that dates back to at least 2013. So, apparently it’s not localized to the current version of iOS or the phone model itself.


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