Same time and effort with this feature.

How to: Double space, quick type freebie 3
There are three major frustrations I have with the iOS keyboard. First, autocorrect changes (working on this), second, the keyboard choosing uppercase seemingly randomly (so, far no rhyme or reason), and the third is that you have to search to find punctuation marks – specifically the period. This may not be the most frustrating keyboard function, but I do have a hack to make it better.

Do you ever get tired of having to press the “123” icon to get to a period at the end of your sentences? Who decided to put that on another keyboard page?

Step 1: Stop doing that! Do not go hunting for the “.” character.

Step 2: Fast double touch the “space” and voilà. It inserts a period, a space and automatically capitalizes the next typed character for your next sentence. This is convenient and I love it! I can’t tell you how much time this actually ends up saving.

Along the same lines as this hack, you can double touch the upward arrow icon to act as CAPS lock. Hope this hack serves you as well as it has served me