Save precious HD space by deleting unwanted media.

How-To: Delete Multiple Photos in iOS 9 3 It is a blessing and a frustration that each iOS update brings new changes to known apps. The camera app is no different. Am I alone in filling up my device with images and videos? I suspect if you are reading this article, this is not unusual. So many images, so little space. Historically, I upload to Dropbox and delete the images from my phone/iPad individually. I never sync my devices to my computer (Windows PC device). This has proven to be an annoyance and a chore when there were hundreds of images. My phone is my camera. So guess what, iOS 9 has a better way.

Step 1: Touch the camera icon on your device.
Step 2: Touch the image in the lower left of the screen (camera roll).
Step 3: Touch “all photos” in the top left of the screen.
Step 4: Touch “select” at the top right of the screen.
Step 5: You now have a few options. You can select each individual picture, swipe across several pictures at once, or you can touch “select” to the right of each category, allowing you to select all of the images within the section.
Step 6: Touch the trashcan icon when ready and voilà. Your device is now ready to capture more memories.

Don’t forget, that these photos aren’t automatically deleted. They are instead moved to a ‘Recently Deleted’ album in your Photo library on your device. These photos end up staying put until their time has run out (typically 30 days from when you delete them). If you want to delete the photos permanently, you need to go to that Recently Deleted album and do the same process as above within that album. Then, they will be gone for good.