How-To: Content Blockers for iOS 3One of the newest features of iOS 9 is the integration of Content Blockers. You can use these in close to the same way you can in OS X. First, you will need to find a content blocker you like in the App Store. Then once you have it installed and turned on within the app, you go to Settings > Safari > Content Blockers. This option won’t show up in Safari settings until you have installed and opened the content blocking app of your choice. The one I’m using is Purify.

That’s pretty much it.

How-To: Content Blockers for iOS 4Now when you visit a website that has blasted you with horrible advertisements in the past, you will no longer be bothered by them. This is great for those users wanting a clean browsing experience. The unfortunate thing is while this provides a more user-friendly experience, it does end up hurting site developers who use those ads for revenue.

How-To: Content Blockers for iOS 5For some, like MacSources, that is how we keep our sites running. Some website developers may have to switch to a paywall to view content, but MacSources will NEVER do that. I will shut the site down before switching to a paywall. If you would like to help support our site you can donate or please consider White listing our site if you decide to use iOS Content Blockers.

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