Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the streaming world, and it is changing the way you enjoy shows & movies. Even though it is portrayed as a cruel and dangerous concept in multiple Sci-Fi movies, you cannot ignore how it facilitates the human workforce. From chatbots to medicine to customer care, you can experience the positive influence of AI in working.

As the concepts of AI are getting recognition in all fields, the streaming world is also using it for improving user experience and grabbing the attention of more customers. As you are enjoying Netflix on Mac, PC, streaming devices, and gaming consoles – it is crucial to understand how AI contributes to the streaming experiences. 

Here are some of the streaming services areas where AI (big data, machine learning, algorithm) successfully improves customer experience, attracts new customers, and retains the old ones.

Movie Recommendations

With so many streaming options, what makes a service stand out? The answer is user experience. You open your favorite streaming app and check the recommendations specified for you. The recommendation section of the streaming sites works on the principles of the algorithm. Retaining the customer is as important as attracting new users, and it saves Netflix $1 billion each year, and user experience plays a vital part in customer retention.

The recommendation section is finalized based on your watch history when you watch a specific show and its popularity. This data is fed into various algorithms that AI powers. The provided data produces multiple recommendations, including top rankers, top picks, best shows, and top picks. 

Another utilization of Artificial Intelligence is the ‘Trending Now’ section which reflects the shows watched by most users in a specific region. The genre of your watching history is also used to recommend the new suggestion. If you have watched a rom-com recently, similar results will be shown – all thanks to the algorithm and artificial intelligence.

Thumbnail Personalization

Whether you are streaming a video on android, mac, iPhone, tablet, or any other device – you can observe the difference in the thumbnail of the show. Thumbnails are effective in grabbing the attention of the users and piquing their curiosity regarding the show. It is the first impression of the show and needs to align perfectly with what the user wants to enjoy. Over time streaming services realized that even though thumbnail is essential, it is not getting the same result as expected, and thus they used AI to improve the response. 

Every visible thumbnail is algorithm-based using AI, and it reflects the user’s preference. Multiple thumbnails are finalized for a single show, and AI and algorithms are used to pick one individually for the user. If you often watch the selection belonging to the ‘romance’ genre, even the comedy show suggestion will have a thumbnail including the romantic concept. This is one of the most ingenious uses of AI in the streaming service that affect user experience and impact user retention.

Optimal Streaming Quality

Streaming services are using AI to focus on improving and optimizing the video quality of their content. Even though streaming services offer HD and Ultra HD streaming options to the users – this offer cannot be availed most of the time. The internet speed and bandwidth vary from country to country, making it difficult for streaming companies to provide video quality making everyone happy. 

Streaming companies are solving this issue with the help of AI. They focus on specialized video coding that can deliver a clear stream to the areas where bandwidth is low. As streaming services are going global and targeting more customers, they are focusing on improving customer satisfaction, and one of the helpful approaches is improving the quality of video streams. 

As streaming services provide the internet speed requirement to enjoy content in specific video quality, there are a lot of unhappy customers. In the regions where the internet speed is lower as compared to technologically advanced countries, low speed can ruin the video quality, but Dynamic Optimizer can be the perfect solution to this problem. 

Dynamic Optimizer use algorithms for reviewing the video frames to compress them. Another advantage is compression without compromising content’s quality. Streaming hubs are using this tool on multiple device applications, including tablets and phones preferred in Asian countries. 


There is no doubt that data sciences, machine learning, big data, and other components of AI are changing the entertainment section as we know it. Even though there are many obstacles, AI can change the streaming world. It is a new entertainment era, but a strict watch is required. As AI mimics human behaviors, it needs a check and balance system to improve the AI and user experience’s functioning.

 As the goal of implementing AI in the streaming world revolves around improving the user interface, the users’ feedback should be considered necessary because it can highlight the improvement areas.