Online privacy has been a big deal ever since Edward Snowden revealed how massive surveillance is conducted, and just how much personal information we are giving away. This prompted a lot of tech developers to boost data protection or install measures that secure users privacy. It’s similar to how the advent of malware prompted the development of new security features, to an extent that it became a major selling point. 

Online gamblers are just another group of people that values their privacy and has the right to keep their transactions anonymous. Here we will go over some of the privacy features that Apple products have incorporated into their software and how they help gamblers stay anonymous while playing in an online casino.  

Setting the New Standards

Private data is used to create a user profile and target those profiles for relevant marketing campaigns. However, as we have seen in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, it is possible for the information to be leaked, without users’ knowledge. This made people even more aware of the digital vulnerabilities and they rightfully want to amp up on the security.

This also led to acquiring new tools like VPN just to ensure your activity cannot be traced back to your IP. Moreover, we have seen a rise in popularity in cryptocurrency, another way to make payments, while staying anonymous. As a result, many online casinos have allowed cryptocurrencies to be a legitimate payment method on their platform. 

How Apple Protects Your Data

Apple has been marketing its product as state-of-the-art technology for keeping your data private. Unfortunately, there were multiple incidents that revealed some shortcomings in that department. Luckily, Apple took all of those seriously and took extra precautions to ensure they do not repeat and really stuck to their words. If you go to Apple’s website privacy section you can see all of the changes they made to existing software. It basically protects your location, photos, provides better encryption for the messages, and made improvements to Siri. It also allows you to keep your health records private and ensures that personalization of browsing experience is exclusive to Apple device. In a sense, it is both high privacy and a highly personalized customer experience. 

The relevant change for those who play on online casino sites is Apple Pay, which allows you to hide your purchases. Instead of relying on your credit card number and sharing it with a merchant, they create a unique code for every single transaction that you do through Apple Pay. Moreover, they will only approve gambling apps that are iOS native, which forces online casinos to modify their apps in order to comply with the rules and regulations of the Play Store. So, if you wish to play the best slots that can result in winning big bucks, you can do so on apps that are on their Play Store. You can find platforms that offer 50 free spins for UK players, and see if you can do business there using Apple Pay. Alternatively, you can check if any of those platforms have an app on Play Store and download it. This is the best way to ensure your transactions remain private.   

How Will This Affect the Future

This is overall great news even for those who are not Apple users. Since the company is making big claims and setting high goals for its product it pushes them to get better. They are not afraid to take accountability and to be held responsible and want to stand firm behind their words. This resulted in top-notch privacy protection, which now forces competitors to step up as well. 

If more companies want to have competitive hardware and software on the market they will do their best to replicate this model. In other words, privacy protection will get better across the board, and many other users will enjoy the same or at least similar benefits when it comes to keeping their personal information safe. No one is saying that this is impenetrable, and every code has a weakness, but as these flaws become more apparent the security becomes tighter with every update. 


Protecting our personal data in an online environment is one of the main concerns for users across the world. The legal system is also evolving and surely there will be means of holding companies that trade user data accountable. In the meantime having ways to keep our data safe, and preventing data leaks is a tech problem that many are trying to solve or mitigate. 

Bio: Leslie Alexander is an experienced writer and works as a Content Lead at Gamblizard. She is mostly focused on exploring tech-savvy topics that have to do with gaming, software development, and the latest trends in tech. She also enjoys playing poker, snooker, watching esports, and Premier League.