Delivers easy to use mobile time tracking system.

Hours iOS App Review 3One of the things required of me at work is proper hourly tracking for billing to our clients. This can become very tricky for a project manager as you end up working through many different projects sometimes simultaneously. Typically, I will guesstimate my time based off of email correspondence and meetings on my calendar, and even though it gets me in the right ballpark, it’s not exact. I am striving to be a better ambassador for my clients’ time and don’t want to waste their money so I did some research into different apps that track time and found Hours by Tapity for iOS.

Hours is a very simple, but powerful, time tracking app. It’s a free (for a limited time)F app for iOS devices that has support for both the iPhone and Apple Watch. Hours was started because the developers themselves had trouble keeping accurate records of their time. Their team was using archaic methods like pen and paper (and Excel) to track their time. Hours was born out of necessity and they shared it with the world.

Hours iOS App Review 4Some of the main features include:

  • Set smart reminders to nag you at just the right times to start and stop your timers
  • Start/stop/switch timers with one tap (even from the lock screen with the iOS 8 widget)
  • Use the visual timeline to easily identify and correct mistakes
  • Set rounding rules to round time to whatever interval you are used to — 6 minutes, 15 minutes, and more
  • Quickly see on a calendar view which days you tracked time and which days you forgot
  • Track your time by clients, projects, and tasks if you need to
  • Add notes to your time entries
  • View on-screen reports in the app, or email detailed CSV or PDF reports

Hours iOS App Review 5One of the things I truly love about this app is that it has support for the Apple Watch AND the Today View in the iPhone’s Notification Center. The great thing about this is that each of these features are functional. What I mean by that is that you can start or stop timers from the watch, Today View, or inside the App. There are plenty of Apps that use Today View for viewing only and the actual action has to take place in the app. But, Hours allows you to start and stop timers with a simple tap. The same thing goes for the Apple Watch. You can very easily start and stop your job timers with a tap of the screen. Plus, you can look at your job’s details, too.

Hours iOS App Review 7One of the concerns I had about this app was the outward reporting. Since I need to enter all my time into a greater system for billing, I didn’t want to have to go through each day in detail when it came time to reporting it. Fortunately, the reporting system within Hours is very easy to use and totals out all your time on a project for the week. This makes it perfect for my uses.

This simple, powerful time tracking app has already made a huge difference in my personal workflow and it might in yours, too.

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