HoudahSpot Mac App nice tool for searching.

HoudahSpot is a powerful search tool for your Mac. It gives you a lot more search parameters than Finder or Spotlight, so you can conveniently find exactly what you want.

I have too many drafts of everything I write, and HoudahSpot has been pretty effective at finding the specific document I was searching for amidst the crowd of documents with random keywords as titles instead of any helpful labeling system (maybe someday).

HoudahSpot Mac App Review

You start with a simple search bar search. If your file is easy to find, it’ll pop right up, but if your initial search isn’t sufficient to narrow down your results, you can easily add search parameters like file type, context, content, file size, pixel count, date last accessed, and almost anything else you can think of. You can also exclude certain keywords or other specifications so that your search for a specific untitled document that has notes from a meeting in it doesn’t show you a different untitled document that was your Christmas list for 2010.

I do not know how to outline HoudahSpot’s entire plethora of tools without simply listing things, as there are too many intuitive options to cover to make it sound pretty, but two features I found particularly useful include having multiple search tabs open and the ability to save searches as templates. Other wonderful tools at HoudahSpot’s disposal are Snippets (you can save sets of frequently used search criteria), find by example (you can drag a file onto a search criterion to set that criterion to find similar files), info pane preview of your files, hot keys, and an Apple Script/custom URL scheme so you can start HoudahSpot searches from third party tools. Many of these features may seem pretty standard or straightforward when it comes to searching for files, but it’s their use in conjunction with each other and the convenience of all these tools being in a single program that make HoudahSpot truly powerful.

HoudahSpot Mac App Review

I would recommend this application to any person with a mind-numbing number of various files. Though neat, HoudahSpot isn’t quite necessary for the average Mac user; but if you often find yourself digging through piles and piles of files, I’d give it a try.

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