Hotel for Tonight helps the stranded traveler find a place to stay.

I’ve been quite the connoisseur of hotel websites and apps for quite some time. Ever since online booking became available, I’ve been using it. It can be a crap shoot sometimes, but with more and more people reviewing locations, it’s easier to find reputable places to stay. Recently, I took a trip to Indianapolis, Indiana and was attempting to find a decent, clean hotel within a certain budget. Some of the spots I found seemed great and they were chains that I’ve stayed in a trusted as a brand. The problem was that each time I tried to book the room, suddenly the room rate was not available anymore. It started to become a problem because we had more than a three hour drive to get to Indianapolis and tickets to an event. Finally, we settled on a hotel that was directly across the street from our event. We lucked out because the weekend had other special events happening in Indy and the hotel clerk told us they only had rooms that night.

tonight1I just came across an app called “Hotels for Tonight-Hotel Deals from” This app works very similarly to other apps like Kayak or Travelocity, but only returns search results from hotels that have a vacancy on the day you are searching. Hotels for Tonight works with Location Services to find hotels a ‘Nearby Locations’ or a named destination city. You can then sort the results by Most Popular, Nearest, Best Price or Star Rating. Just like other booking apps, you can book the room from the convenience of your mobile device.

Like I said, I’m very familiar with travel apps and websites. Hotel for Tonight by is a very well-designed, clean app. This app would actually be good for anyone to have as a safeguard on your mobile phone. Imagine you are traveling for business and your flight is delayed making you miss your connecting flight. You are stuck in a city that you’re not familiar with. Hotel for Tonight would help you immediately find a place to stay so that you don’t have to camp out in the airport.

Hotel for Tonight is a free application and currently on version 2.1.