Hoppy Circle iOS Game needs more thought put into its development.

Hoppy Circle iOS Game Review Not Desirable Due to AdsWe were recently contacted by game developer, Happilii, Inc., to complete a review of its recently released Hoppy Circle, a game designed for iOS and Android mobile devices. We accepted the invitation and downloaded the iOS version to an iPhone 6. The game takes up a relatively small amount of space (32MB) and it is quick to load. The game is set up to be an addictive tapping game like the likes of Flappy Bird. It has simple graphics and is free to download. Unfortunately, this is the extent of the positive remarks I have for this game.

My experience with this game was less than positive. When I first opened the app, there were no instructions – even simple ones – and I had to figure out how to play the game on my own. After a few failed attempts, I finally discovered that the goal was to keep the ball in between the two border lines by gently tapping the screen. The lines move up and down at varying speeds, which makes the gentle tapping to bounce the ball a challenge.

Hoppy Circle iOS Game Review Not Desirable Due to AdsAs many times as I failed, I wanted to keep trying to beat my last round’s score. After about 3 or 4 rounds, my bouncing was interrupted by a gratuitous advertisement for a different mobile game. I’ve had ads pop-up during free games before, but never in the middle of a round. Not only was this a HUGE annoyance, but it also caused me to lose the round. If that weren’t bad enough, the ad gave you a very small window to skip the video.

Another thing that was bothersome was that the color scheme was less than desirable. I would have liked to see a way to change colors within the settings menu, but the only option that was there was the in-app purchase to remove ads or the option to restore purchases. I was about half a tap away from completing the in-app purchase to remove the ads, but when I tapped on the option, I was immediately given the option to use Touch ID or enter my app store password. There was no prompt letting me know how much the purchase would be.

Hoppy Circle iOS Game Review Not Desirable Due to AdsHoppy Circle was very disappointing. I could see it having tremendous potential as an addictive mobile game, but either the programmer didn’t put enough thought into where the ads were going to fall, or the game was designed to trick people into tapping on an obscene amount of ads. For example, since the ads appear in the middle of a round of a game where you are tapping the screen, the player would inevitably tap on an advertisement.

At this time, I cannot recommend this game based off of its lack of easy game play and over saturation of advertisements. We have included a link to download if you want to see the game for yourself.

DOWNLOAD – Hoppy Circle – FREE (in-app purchase) – iOS

For more information, visit happilii.com/hoppycircle.
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