A great travel companion.

HooToo Tripmate Nano Review 3I review a lot of technology products and have been interested in gadgets and gizmos my entire life, so it takes something really special to impress me these days. Well, I can honestly say that the HooToo Tripmate Nano has impressed me…a lot.

I really don’t know where to start off with the list of things that I love about this device, so I’ll just start with the basics. The first thing the Tripmate Nano will allow you to do, is to turn any wired Internet connection into your own private WIFI Hotspot. This is handy for those times you find yourself in a hotel where they provide a wired Internet connection for free, but attempt to charge you extra for the privilege of a wireless connection. Basically, if you can plug into an ethernet jack and they hand out addresses with DHCP; bam you have wireless Internet for all of your devices.

HooToo Tripmate Nano Review 4However, the coolness does not stop there. The HooToo Tripmate Nano also comes with a USB expansion port where you can plug in a thumb drive or external USB hard drive and instantly transfer it into a wireless NAS for all of your devices to access documents and media files hosted on the Tripmate Nano. This is extra cool because they provide a free app for Android or Apple devices, so all of your friends can play no matter what platform they are on – this includes Mac and Windows desktop computers as well.

HooToo Tripmate Nano Review 5The Tripmate Nano is very easy to setup. Just plug it into an ethernet connection, flip the switch to ethernet setting, plug in the Micro USB power cord (included) and wait for the blue light on the device to turn solid and you are now in business. Open the wifi settings on your device and choose the TriMateNano-xxxx wireless network. The default password is 11111111. Once connected, you can install the HooToo Tripmate App from the App Store or Google Play Store and acces files on the USB device. The Nano will create a folder hierarchy on the USB device for Documents, Music, HooToo Tripmate Nano Review 6Pictures, and Movies. In my case, I formatted a 64GB USB thumb drive and then booted up the Nano with the drive installed so it would create the folders. I then moved my test files into the proper folders and reattached to the Nano.

As you can see from the screenshot, everything worked like a champ. The app is simple, but for the purpose of this device, I see that as a plus. I should also point out that if there is no Internet connection available, you can flip the switch to WiFi and create a stand alone wireless NAS that will serve the files on the USB device. This would be really great if you find yourself killing time somewhere without Internet access. For those of you scratching your heads, I assure you this can happen. I spent a week in Interior South Dakota on a business trip and there was no Internet access at all. If I would have had the Tripmate Nano, I could have been way more entertained.

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