HooToo Shuttle hub provides more ports for use with your MacBook Pro.

Since I received the new MacBook Pro with TouchBar I’ve been almost obsessed with trying any USB-C style devices I can find. Something that I really look for with new hub style devices is that an SD Card slot is available because I truly miss that slot on my MacBook Pro. I think I miss the SD card slot more than anything else on the new laptop — even Magsafe charging. That’s saying something because Magsafe was one of the greatest things Apple ever did with charging a laptop.

HooToo Shuttle USB-C Hub

The HooToo Shuttle actually comes in several variations depending on your input type. It provides instant expansion for your laptop including a USB-C charging port, HDMI port, 3 x USB 3.0 ports, and an SD memory card slot. You can charge your laptop while connecting multiple peripherals and transferring data. You also have the ability to mirror or extend your screen with the HDMI port with a video resolution up to 4K. The USB 3.0 ports allow you to connect a keyboard, mouse, thumb drive, etc.

HooToo Shuttle USB-C Hub

The HooToo Shuttle comes in two colors – Silver and Gray. I got the silver version, but I should have gotten the gray, which matches closer to the Space Gray MacBook Pro I own, but it’s not a dealbreaker. The shuttle’s design is a unibody aluminum alloy exterior made to have a Mac-style even including a LED activity indicator. The logo lights up when plugged into your Mac and that’s kind of cool since Apple removed the glowing Apple logo with the new MBP.

HooToo Shuttle USB-C Hub

So, how is the speed? I had standard speed with data transfer from an SD card. Nothing incredibly fast or slow — just normal. I have no complaints here because I’m just happy to have an easy to carry solution to charge my laptop while using other ports. The short USB-C cable is a reinforced with TPE cable coating and the Shuttle also has EMI protection to prevent any interfere with wireless devices.

I’ve tried lots of USB-C stuff now and most of them are pretty nice. This one will be in my bag for daily use that’s for sure.

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