Homido Virtual Reality Headset takes gaming to the next level.

Virtual reality and pretty gaming is one of the hottest trends right now. With a wide range of games and videos, it seems as though the future is now. With a multitude of fully immersive and portable VR games out there, it’s easy to get flustered on which one to choose.

Homido’s virtual reality headset stand out from most of he portable VR headsets. Recently at CES 2016 I got the chance to try out many of the different varieties. While it would be nice to have a completely immersive experience, the cost is a great set back. I decided for a more portable and cost effective approach. Homido’s VR headset does everything that I wanted to do,  while still being portable.

Homido Virtual Reality Headset Review

So many of the other headsets on the market tend to over do things just a bit for my tastes. I was in the market for a headset that didn’t have a bunch bells and whistles. That didn’t add much to the experience. I wanted something portable, simple to use, and comfortable. Homido met my criteria very well. From the moment I started setting up everything was simple. Put your phone in the front facing slot that holds your phone securely and safely. I did have to remove my bulky case from the phone. Then, you simply adjust the headband to your preference. Place the headset on your head snuggly and adjust the focus to your eyes. The adjust was were I thought I might get a little frustrated. I wear glasses and the headset doesn’t really allow for glasses to be worn, so my concern was that I would get a headache from using the headset for to long. This wasn’t an issue at all. After using the headset for an hour or so my eyes were fine without any discomfort.

Homido Virtual Reality Headset Review

Homido has two apps for android and iOS. Homido Center for games made for the headset which range from basic to all out awesome. It also has videos designed just for VR and 3D. To made the videos that you download easier to view that also have Homido Player.  While there are a lot of games and apps to use from Homido, I appreciated that the headset will work with just about any app or game I downloaded, even if they were designed for another headset.

Homido Virtual Reality Headset Review

Homido’s headset doesn’t have integrated headphones or fancy buttons on the inside to play some of the games. It kept things simple while still keeping the experience fun. The headset does allow you to use any headphones that you would like for sound or just use your phones speakers. For the more advanced games that require some buttons, I used a third party controller. That method was more comfortable for me. I can’t wait for the next wave of games and apps for VR. I’m ready now.

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