Welcome to the MacSources Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Can you believe it’s already November? No really, can you? This year has been crazy and seems like it’s gone by way to fast. Needless to say, we are one month away from Christmas so what are you going to get your friends and family for the holidays? Well, we here at MacSources are here to help with a list of gadgets we think are very nifty gifts.

eero Home WiFi System

Do you have that family member who calls you once a month or twice a week with internet questions? Why can’t I get online, My computer says network issues, how do I add a computer to my network? If you don’t then you might be that person asking troughs questions. Either way eero is here to save the day with wonderful wifi that is simple to setup, maintain and most importantly stay connected. We’ve done a review of the eero wifi system and love it. Having the ability to set up a strong mesh network around my home is perfect.


HiRise 2

Twelve South one of my favorite accessory makers have the perfect product you can get for the family member with an iPhone. The HiRise 2 dock is a stylish charging dock for your iPhone.


If you have the friend or family like me then this next gadget is going to be perfect. The PhoneSoap uses UV-C lighting to kill germs and bacteria that can grow on your mobile devices. I wash my hands all the time because I don’t want to get sick so placing my iPhone in the PhoneSoap for a few minutes per day is a great way to feel cleaner when placing my phone up to my face. Any germaphobe will greatly appreciate it.

Nomad Wallet

What do you find yourself carrying on your person just as much as your cell phone? For men, it’s their wallet. So how do we find a gift that improves the wallet? We don’t Nomad does. The Nomad Wallet has a battery built into the spin to give you the charge you need when running low on the go. I never have to worry about my iPhone’s battery getting too low when I have my wallet. I can simply pop out the built-in lightning cable and start charging. Not only is it incredibly handy to have a battery in the wallet the leather wallet is extremely nice as well.

Sony 1000X Wireless Headphones

Over the past year, I’ve tested so many headphones it becomes hard to distinguish one from the other unless they are truly built to stand out. The Sony 1000X Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones aren’t built to be flashy so that’s not going to be the eye catching appeal here it’s all about the sound with these wonderful Noise Cancelling Headphones. If the person you’re getting a gift for loves music, flies, or just needs a way to tune out the world these headphones are amazing. Before these the Bower and Wilkerson Wireless P5 where my absolute favorite. The 1000X from Sony has blown them away.

Canon 70D

This is one we had to think hard about adding to the 2016 holiday list as it’s been out for some time now. The Canon 70D is an amazing camera and with the release of its replacement the Canon 80D we’ve been able to find the 70D on sale for very reasonable prices. So many families have someone who loves photography but struggle to afford a good camera. With the 70D being replaced by the 80D, you might be able to find that special someone a great camera at a much better price.

Google Home

Something that made the gift guide that can be used by the whole family is the new Google Home. A voice activated assistant like Alexa. There is no support for mutable accounts for the Google Home yet but for general questions from the family, a quick game with Home as the host or the ability to control your Nest thermostat, Smart things or Philips Hue lights the Google Home is a step in the right direction.

Google Pixel

Staying on the Google train for a moment I have to add the newest smartphone by Google for the Android fans who refuse to buy iPhones. The Pixel is a nice smartphone that Google recently released. It’s got storage options of 32gb up to 128gb.

Chipolo Bluetooth Tracker

Everyone has moments where they absolutely cannot find their keys. That’s why Bluetooth trackers have become such a popular accessory in the past year. While there are many styles, they all have the same basic function – connect via Bluetooth and send out a chirp to alert you to your missing belonging’s whereabouts. Chipolo has the advantage of being the LOUDEST Bluetooth tracker in the market.

Gift Guide -AugustAugust Smart Products

August has some great products including the August Smart Lock, WiFi Doorbell Camera, and the Smart Keypad. The Smart Lock works with your smartphone to unlock the deadbolt on your door. The Smart Keypad works directly with the lock so that you can still unlock your door in case you don’t have your phone, or if you want to have someone else enter your house. The WiFi Doorbell Camera takes the place of your standard doorbell and provides you with a security camera so that you can see who is at your door and talk to them as needed. These are a great addition to any smart home.

Ghost Drone 2.0

Drones have really increased in popularity the past couple of years. Ghost Drone 2.0 is a fun specimen of that market because it is 100% controlled by your phone. It also has the added feature of working with VR goggles. It’s a solid piece of technology and a lot of fun to fly.


Chatlight is the first light made specifically for video chatting that’s rechargeable. It’s designed as an adjustable clamp light so that it will slide onto your devices with ease. It fits nearly all devices that you would use a webcam on and has fully adjustable brightness and direction. It works really well and is great for people who use webcams frequently.

iStabilizer Xenon Flash Shell

The Flash Shell is a pocket-sized professional Xenon flash for smartphones that is designed to improve photo quality by providing a true Xenon flash for mobile phones. The flash reduces graininess, noise, and shadows caused by low light or even backlight. The Flash Shell is the perfect add-on for the iPhone photographer.

This product is currently in a Kickstarter campaign.

Gift GuideAmazon Tap Speaker

I love my Amazon Echo and use it regularly for music, for information, for weather, for task lists/shopping lists etc. The main problem with the echo is the wall plug anchor. The speaker quality is quite good, but not the best. The Amazon Tap is a portable, battery powered BlueTooth speaker with Echo features. There are some differences between the Echo and the Tap. For example, the speaker is not always listening and it is battery powered. To activate the Amazon features, you must press the microphone button instead of saying “Alexa.” This is not that big of a deal and is designed to save battery power. Another downside is that the device requires you to have a WiFi network or to use a hotspot from your phone. The device is not the best speaker, but it has much more functionality than some of the speakers. The bass is a somewhat weaker than some of my speakers, missing 20Hz through 50Hz. However, in the open and with most songs it was not that noticeable. A true audiophile will likely notice, however. Amazingly, the Tap can last 3 weeks in standby mode and up to 9 hours during active use. This would work well for camping trips, park outings, etc. The charging pad is amazing, allowing you to rest the speaker on a non-magnetic disk, that is itself plugged into the wall. When it comes to accessories, I do have a case for the Tap and I have purchased a Black Sling cover. The minor downside to the Sling Cover is you cannot charge the device, while inside of the Sling. If you are a fan of Alexa at home and you want her on the go, I would highly encourage the Amazon Tap The Sling Cover will give you a carry hook, which allows increased portability.  I would also encourage the Mudder EVA Hard Case to store your device. Now that I have an Echo and a Tap, I am interested in getting an Amazon Dot for my office.