Eat the world in this highly addictive iOS game.

There are only a few games I keep on my iPhone for small moments of downtime here and there. One of them is Words with Friends. Years ago, I had the ad-free version, but several updates later, I now have to deal with those dreaded pop-up ads in between matches. I usually just ignore them, but this past week I was on vacation and one ad caught my attention. It was for a game called The ad showed a non-descript black hole traveling around a town engulfing objects along the way. The concept instantly reminded me of Katamari Damacy. So, I took a chance and tapped on the ad. After a few seconds, I had a new, highly addictive game on my iPhone 7. 

Details is a new release (May 24, 2018) from developer Voodoo. There isn’t much of a description of the game in the app store. In fact, the only thing included is:

“The most addictive game! Enter the arena and face the other holes in a fierce battle.
Eat everything in sight with your black hole and expand it to eat more! Show them who is the biggest hole in town!”

Since its release, there have been five updates (the latest being on July 4, 2018) and the app is currently on version 1.2.0. The basic game starts with a 2-minute timer. During a round, you are supposed to ‘eat’ as many objects as possible. Each item has a different value assigned to it (a small post is 1 point, a car is 4 points, etc.) and the more items you absorb, the bigger your hole gets. The goal is to be the largest circle on the board with the time runs out. There are currently 4 playing modes.

  • Classic: As described above
  • Battle: A non-timed head-to-head battle. The goal is to be the last hole on the board.
  • Solo Run: A 2-minute timer runs out while you consume as much of the board as possible without any opponents.
  • Local Multiplayer: This mode requires a Bluetooth connection between players. You still have a 2-minute level, but you are playing exclusively against friends nearby.

There is no audio for the game, but you can play music from another application (like Pandora) while you are playing. iOS Game REVIEW

User Experience

I downloaded this game almost a week ago and have played it every day. I like that it’s a quick play and love the satisfaction you get when you absorb items (there is a vibration alert every time you eat something). I do wish that there was some sort of sound effects included and would really love to see some new levels added. Even though I’ve played this single-board game probably more than a hundred times at this point, I still find myself challenged to beat my own high score in addition to being the King Hole on the board. 

The animations in the game are basic but effective. I really love the retro game feel of the pieces on the board even though the gameplay is smooth and modern. I love that the developers are constantly listening to feedback from their users. Their most recent update was a direct response to feedback that people wanted to see a mode without a time limit. I feel that Voodoo is continuously making improvements on the game and I can’t wait to see what they add in next. 


If you want an easy play game that doesn’t take hours of time to achieve a goal, then download You can play it for free (ad-supported) or pay a one-time $2.99 fee to remove all ads. I RARELY pay anything for apps, but I shelled out the removal of ads because I wanted to keep playing uninterrupted. 

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