Double the charging – in half the space.

Accessory company, Twelve South, designs innovative products that accentuate Apple devices. Today, they have announced that the HiRise Duet charging stand is once again available. If you own an iPhone & Apple Watch, your bedside table can become an unruly jumble of charging cables and plugs. Streamline your routine with HiRise Duet by charging both devices at the same time, in the same place. Made from polished metal and accented with napa leather, the HiRise Duet includes an integrated Lightning Connector and Watch Charging Disk so you have everything you need to stay powered up in one sleek charging stand.

Streamlined Charging
With an integrated Apple Watch Disc and built-in Lightning Connector, this dock has it all in one convenient package. You’ll never have to search for charging cables again – one dock, one plug, two chargers!

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Power Up 40% Faster
When you’re short on time and need a quick boost, the 15w output of HiRise Duet will charge your iPhone faster than your standard or wireless charger.

Space-Saving Convenience 
Designed to streamline your charging routine, the compact HiRise Duet holds and charges your iPhone and Watch in a compact, 3.75-inch footprint.

The HiRise Duet is now available on Twelve South’s website and Amazon for $119.99.

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