Highflyer iOS app allows you to learn a professional English vocabulary.

Highflyer is an iOS application aimed at teaching non-native English speakers vocabulary words targeted at specific career areas in order to improve the user’s professional lexicon. There are currently ten professions with around 160 words in each list with plans to expand the lists to around 250 words.

When first asked to review Highflyer, I was concerned that I would not be able to give any accurate or helpful insights into the usefulness of this application, given that I am a native English speaker and already know all of the words in Highflyer’s vocabulary lists. The app is intended for intermediate through advanced English speakers and is entirely in the English language. The app’s website claims this is so that anyone from anywhere will be able to use Highflyer, no matter the person’s native language. “Moreover learning words without translation will improve your receptive skills.”

Highflyer iOS App Review Highflyer iOS App Review

Highflyer’s learning process is developed around the PPP method (presentation, practice, and production). To learn new words, you browse through the vocabulary lists of your desired profession and choose six words to put in a group (in the trial version, you can do the exercises for the first three groups of six words, so you could learn eighteen new words!). The vocabulary lists are interesting, with words like “diligence” popping up in the Legal category and “instead” in Digital Design, words one wouldn’t normally put into a need-to-know word list but are useful to know anyway. Then you do a series of exercises from true/false questions about the word to multiple choice and matching the word to the definition, first learning each word individually then working with the whole group, and finally (I’m pretty sure) there are supposed to be further steps where you write your own sentences using the new vocabulary words, but I haven’t gotten past the multiple choice portion of the exercises, as the application spontaneously closes at that point every time. So there are definitely a few bugs that need worked out.

Highflyer iOS App Review Highflyer iOS App Review

Overall, I don’t get it, which, again, might be because of my grasp of English already, but also might have something to do with the fact that I’m confused about an ESL application being entirely in English.

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