HIBR Side Pillow brings comfort and rest.

It’s a constant struggle – finding a pillow that is both comfortable and beneficial to your rest. HIBR uses technology to create solutions for the bedding industry. Their goal is to “create products that people love and that add value to their lives.” Their main product offering is memory foam pillows. Their memory foam is a bit different from traditional memory foam though because they combine it with an injection that causes the foam to turn to a liquid when it’s heated. This allows the pillow to self-regulate temperatures solving the old ‘hot’ memory foam problem. Because heat was one of the main issues I had with memory foam pillows (I always like the cool side of the pillow), I decided I had to test out the HIBR pillow. HIBR has three different styles of pillow – Simple, Side, and Silhouette. Because I typically sleep on my side, I chose the Side Pillow.

HIBR Side Pillow Review 2

I think the most obvious difference with the HIBR Side Pillow is its shape. Some would call it a ‘kidney’ pillow because it’s shaped like a kidney. The pillow’s form definitely meets its function in this case. Being a side sleeper, I jumped at the chance to try a ‘real’ side sleeping pillow. There is a gentle curve at the base of the pillow that allows you to tuck your arm nearly underneath while you sleep on your side. This is something I do frequently and honestly, I’m never really completely comfortable. When I first laid my head down on the Side Pillow and positioned myself, I found that the curve makes it very comfortable for arm tucking. The pillow ends up resting gently on your shoulder so that you are completely supported instead of sort of on the pillow.

Another thing I noticed right off the bat, was the pillow’s size. Before the Side Pillow, I was using another type of memory foam pillow that was designed to scrunch as you need it to form. In comparison to it, the Side Pillow is tiny. Side Pillow appears flat and somewhat dull. But, looks can be deceiving. It’s true that the pillow is smaller, but there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it makes it ideal for traveling. I even tried folding it in half and found that it was able to scrunch down to a manageable size that you could put it into a full size suitcase and still have room for all your dedicates.

HIBR Side Pillow Review 3

In addition to its shape and size, Side Pillow is quite comfortable and I have to admit that I did have a different sleeping experience with it. The pillow remained cool I think I actually stayed in one spot more than I usually do. I did not have a sleep tracker on while I was testing to confirm that, but I know when I woke up, I was in the same position I was in when I fell asleep. I also noticed when using Side Pillow that I fell asleep quicker. I’m not sure that there’s a scientific reasoning for that, but it was nice to not fight sleep.

So, the big question is did the Side Pillow help me get more rest? After testing the pillow for a couple of consecutive nights, I did find myself feeling more rested. I don’t typically get a large quantity of sleep, but found that the same amount of sleep with my other pillow didn’t leave me feeling quite as refreshed as the Side Pillow.

HIBR Side Pillow Review 4

If you enjoy memory foam pillows, but don’t like the heat, I would recommend looking into HIBR’s unique, innovative products. They offer a 100 night sleep guarantee with all of their pillows, which allows you to test it out and see for yourself whether a HIBR pillow will give you better sleep.

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