Textile wallet case almost feels like it belongs

I generally am a case-free man. I like to try new cases and sometimes use them depending on the style and how it functions but almost always I find myself removing a case from my iPhone shortly after I’m finished with my review. Not because I think the cases are bad, but because I just really love the naked feel of the iPhone. I enjoy the design of the phone and want to show it off. There is nothing like having an iPhone without a case because it just feels great in your hands.

With that said I do sometimes find exceptions to this and find cases that I really enjoy using, so much so that I forget they are on my iPhone. It’s almost as if they belong together. If you haven’t noticed by the name of this review, the Solo Wallet is a ‘wallet’ style case for the iPhone X. I like cases like this because they have a dual purpose — protection and card holder. Cases like this make it easier to be autonomous from other accessories like wallets and purses.

HEX SOLO Wallet for iPhone X REVIEW

The case features premium leather construction. HEX used genuine leather to wrap their custom molded polycarbonate case. It’s a premium play on an everyday item. The case holds two cards comfortably. I’ve been storing my driver’s license and my PayPal Debit card within these two slots and haven’t had many issues with getting them in and out of the case. Sometimes cards are just too tight of a fit in wallet cases, but HEX did a nice job of making the slots flexible enough to hold the cards securely, but easy enough to remove them when you need to use them. You can also use the slot for cash, but I would recommend sticking to the cards.

I’ve been using this case for a little over a week and have come to the conclusion that the Solo Wallet’s mission is to allow to carrying two cards and keep the back of the iPhone from scratches, but not much else. Even though the front of the case’s corners are raised just a bit, the lack of top bottom and button protection leads me to believe if the iPhone was to take a pretty hard tumble it would not fair well.

HEX SOLO Wallet for iPhone X REVIEW

This is a pretty case that is wonderful for events and for those times when two bulky pocket bulges caused by an iPhone and wallet just aren’t practical. The Solo Wallet’s textile back does provide just enough traction to keep the iPhone from slipping in your hands. The lack of full button cover although not great for protection is wonderful for easy handling of the buttons and for using any style of lightning cable to charge the phone. Heck, I’ve been able to use a few different styles of charging docks with it, too.

As for wireless charging, I have been able to use my iPhone X on my QI charging mats while using the case but I haven’t been able to do so while the cards have been the case. In fact, it’s really not recommended that you attempt wireless charging with credit cards stored in the case because you run the risk of deactivating your cards.

HEX SOLO Wallet for iPhone X REVIEW

All in all, this is a nice looking case that will overall end up being a case I will come back to sometime. I just wish mine was black to match the color of my iPhone. There are several color options including, white, camo, snake embossed, stingray, and black.

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