Good headphones for an active lifestyle.

Hermes Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds 3I’ve used a lot of different styles of headphones. Earbuds are my favorite activities. In fact, the original earbuds that came with my iPod Shuffle years ago remained my headphone of choice until the the more recent earbud came out. They have always fit my ear just right and even though I’m not big on them for long-term music listening, they are comfortable to me as a style. I have tried other types of earbuds and found them to be sub-standard to the Apple Earbuds. The one thing I like about many brands of earbuds is the connectivity through Bluetooth. For the past few days, I’ve been testing out the Hermes Wireless Earbuds from Zenco and find them to be an acceptable substitute for Apple Earbuds.

First Impressions
As far as earbuds go, their style is nothing too remarkable The earpiece fits into the ear canal and there are ear wings that help keep the buds in place. The main control of the earbuds is attached as an extra plastic receptacle. This is actually quite handy because there is a multi-purpose button that you can use to control your music player, answer phone calls, and control voice assistants, like Siri. The earbuds are adorned with color and a matching colored cord. This wins the Hermes headphones points in the style department.

Hermes Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds  4I usually have issues with headphones connecting or being recognized right away by my iPhone. But, not the Hermes headphones. Once they were placed into pairing mode, the headphones appeared in my Bluetooth device list within about 5 seconds. This was very impressive to me since other headphones just haven’t connected that quickly.

Now, of course the most important quality of a set of headphones is its sound. Many earbuds fail to meet a certain burden of proof and typically come out sounding hollow and without depth. I was actually quite impressed with the quality of sound that the Hermes earbuds produced. I played music through my Pandora app and found it sounding just as good as my Apple Earbuds. This is a rare quality in other Bluetooth earbuds that I’ve encountered. I also liked that even though it cancelled out some ambient noise, I could Hermes Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds  5still hear what was going on in the room.

The Hermes Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are a very nice buy. If you like earbud style headphones and are looking for a set for an active lifestyle, this is a nice set to own.