Help Bird iOS App let’s you send an SMS or iMessage to specified helpers when you need assistance.

Help Bird is one of those apps created out of a care and need. Because of that, it’s simple and easy to use. Developer Marcel Dittmann says:

“I made a new tiny app for use in unpleasant situations. The idea was born to make the way home for my girlfriend a little bit safer. I wanted an app to ask multiple people for help as quick and simple as iOS Developer SDK allows it.”

Help Bird iOS App Review Request Assistance from your HelpersAn app like this is brilliant because it takes advantage of sending messages to as many people as you have set as Helpers. Think of the possibilities. In Marcel’s case, it was for his girlfriend, but it could just as easily be for an elderly parent or your kids. Of course iOS has a Favorites area under contacts, but in a situation that requires immediate assistance you may not have time to contact one person after the other or even send a group message. Help Bird sends detailed information to all your helps at the press of a button.

In my experience using the app, it’s sent my last known location, and a message that states that I am within 65 meters of that location. I personally take care of an elderly family member. So, when I see apps that have been this well thought out, I appreciate it.

Help Bird is a unique app that I think all parents should place on there loved one’s phones. I remember when I was a kid – before smartphones where available – I was out ramping my bike off dirt hills behind the woods close to my house. One of the times I hit the little hill. Well, it seems little now. When I was eight, it felt like a mountain. Anyways, I fell off my bike and my pants got caught in the chain. I sat and ripped at the pants for what felt like forever. The point of this story is as a kid I did not carry a knife to cut the pants free and I was eight so I could not just pick-up the bike and drag myself home. I was in need of help. If I had Help Bird and a smart phone, I could have quickly sent out a request for help with my location.

Help Bird iOS App Review Request Assistance from your HelpersIn my above childhood story I did not hurt myself, but I easily could have, and it could have been bad. Help Bird would have send the request I needed for help. Let’s say your kids are approached by a stranger at the park. Help Bird would send out an assistance request and maybe prevent something bad from happening.

This app can be used in many different settings from women who are getting attacked to elderly people who get lost to kids in all situations. It’s in the App Store. Give it a try and see what I mean. Remember, it’s a simple app so there are not a lot of settings. It’s meant to just work.

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