Hello Vino takes the confusion of out of choosing a wine.


Several years ago, one of my friends who enjoys wine introduced me to my very first red wine – Oliver Winery, Soft Red. It was a very mild wine and intrigued me enough to sample other varieties from time to time. Even though I have sampled a few that I like, I don’t tend to venture away from those brands because I don’t know what to expect with other types. I would imagine that many people fall victim to the problem as well because, let’s face it, there are hundreds of types of wine out there. Luckily, there is an app for this problem.

Hello Vino is a wine assistant app that makes recommendations of wines depending on the perimeters you input. For example, the top menu starts by asking, “Can we help you choose a wine?” You then select a specific occasion: Wine with a Meal/Food, Wine for an Occasion, Wine by Taste Preference, Wine by Type/Variety, Wines for Summer or Popular Wine Picks. I selected “Wine with a Meal/Food.” The app then asks, “Which type of food?” I selected cheese. Then, I specified a semi-hard cheese – gouda. The app suggested Pinot Grigio to accompany my choice of cheese. It gives you a pronunciation guide and short definition. Then, it will show you a highly rated wine choice and values $10 and under. You can ask for additional recommendations and receive a new list with similar types of wine.

hellovino-2I was impressed enough with the basic functions of the app and ended up being surprised by some of the more advanced functions that were included. Hello Vino can give you information on a bottle of wine when you take a picture of it — but, there is a charge for that.

I recommend this app to anyone who has ever been confused by wine choices. This app will definetly increase your knowledge and awareness of types of wine.

Hello Vino is available for free download (with in-app purchase options) through the iTunes App Store or by clicking the image below.