Haweel LED Dual Car Charger very handy for daily commute.

I live a lot of my life in my car. I also use a bit more electronics than most. The two don’t always go hand in hand. I only have two auxiliary slots in my car so I am always changing my different devices and having to switch while I am driving. Haweel’s LED Dual Car Charger walks into my life and makes it so much simpler. I do primarily charge my iPhone in the car, but sometimes there might be a bluetooth headset or an iPad charging as well.

Haweel LED Dual Car Charger Review

Most chargers aren’t designed for multiple devices. What I really liked about this charger is that it has two different charging USB slots with two different amperages. A one amp for my iPhone and a 2.4 amp for my iPad. When charging my iPad with a standard car charger it takes almost twice as long as normal and if I am using the iPad then it just keeps the battery at a constant level. With Haweel’s charger I get a solid fast charge while using it.

Haweel LED Dual Car Charger Review

The added bonus to the charger is a voltage meter built in, so no worrying if your car battery is low or not. The LED display is handy on when charging devices and jamming to some tunes while driving, you never have to guess if that older battery is going out on you. The down side to this feature is that when you are starting your car and drawing a lot of voltage it beeps insanely loud. That’s easy to get past considering everything that this handy charger does.

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