High quality RFID leather protection

My family used to raise and train racehorses. Because of this, I grew up surrounded by jockeys and leather goods. I was taught at an early age how to spot the good quality from the poor quality when it comes to leather. I’ve always loved the smell of leather goods and used to visit retail stores that sold leather items regularly just to remember those times hanging out around the track. As much as I love leather goods, I’m also really big on security and protection for my information. So, when it comes to wallets I really prefer to use products that offer RFID protection. Fortunately for me, Harber London offers a premium-grade leather bifold wallet with RFID protection that is ideal for my use



The Leather Bifold Wallet with RFID Protection is made with full-grain vegetable tanned cowhide leather. The leather will age naturally over time and develop a patina that makes each wallet unique. It is handmade by expert craftsmen in Spain and is designed to be super slim. There are six color choices — tan, black, deep brown, navy, grey, and burgundy. The wallet can fit up to 18 cards and features convenient pull tabs for easy card access. There is a coin wallet compartment built-in as well as a magnetic closure to keep all the contents safe and secure. RFID block material is encased within the wallet and all items that are housed inside will be exempt from skimmers. The wallet is designed to fit most currency sizes including, but not limited to, Pounds, Euros, and Dollars. The wallet measures 3.54 x 4.09″ inches when closed and 7 x 4.09″ inches when open.



After I made the decision to move to the Harber London wallet, I was thrown by which color I should go order. This was my first impression of the wallet — lots of choices. I was excited to be able to choose something that would go along with my personality and not just other leather accessories that I own. Usually, when you look at leather goods you have a few select colors to choose from — brown, black, and maybe a red tone. So, having SIX different colors to choose from was exciting. I opted for the Grey wallet as I thought it would be a nice departure from the standard tan leather items I have. It’s a classic color that isn’t too flashy but is different enough to make a statement.


When the wallet arrived, I was overwhelmed by the sweet aroma of fresh leather. Just like those visits to leather stores, I was transported to the stables at our local racetrack and helping my grandfather clean saddles. I inspected the wallet and decided I really liked the shape of it. While it’s a pretty standard size for a bifold wallet, it is designed as a vertical wallet instead of horizontal. I love how it’s supposed to be slim in nature, but it seems to have plenty of space for many cards and cash. The specs state that you can fit up to 18 cards within the wallet. I think you might be hard-pressed to do that and have cash stored in its pocket. I ended up storing 5 cards (including my license) in the sleeves and along with some cash inside the folds of the wallet. This seemed to be a good fit while still allowing the wallet to close and be flat.


One of my favorite features of the wallet is the pull tab. I store my Apple Credit Card in that slot of the wallet and it’s very convenient to have that tab available so that I can quickly and easily access that card rather than fumbling to pull it out. The coin pocket is also a nice touch, but I don’t actually use it too often because I found that too many coins will make the wallet seem bulkier than it really is.


I’ve been looking for a high-quality leather wallet for quite some time. This Leather Bifold Wallet from Harber London checks off all the major boxes for me and makes me feel as though I’m carrying part of my family tradition with me. It’s a gorgeous leather product and I don’t think anyone who invests in Harber London Leather wallets will be disappointed.

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