Four years ago, I started MacSources due to the aggravation I had with other tech ‘news’ websites. I was seeing rumor after rumor taking the main stage over amazing apps and gadgets. I would think about how so many people were putting their life into making iOS and Mac apps and teams of people putting all their time and money into building wonderful products, but because they were smaller brands and companies, they would be pushed aside for a rumor whether it is true or not. Other sites cared more about the clicks then promoting products and apps that were here right now. This angered me, I wanted a site whose main focus was on real tech news, resources, and reviews.

That’s when MacSources was born. We are technology fans. The other writers and I find great joy in finding wonderful apps and gadgets to test and review so that we can learn what the newest tech can do.

The last four years have been a joy and a hardship at the same time. Because I want MacSources not to be a click bate website, we don’t create titles that will falsely represent what we are writing about just to get people here. We also don’t use advertising like Google Ads. I want MacSources to host ads that are from products and companies we have worked with. Besides being an affiliate with Amazon, MacSources has no pop-up ads and are never intrusive with advertising. Because of this MacSources does not have the major financial backing like some other sites.

We do this because we love technology. We love learning and playing with the latest and greatest apps. We do this because we understand the struggles of app developers and startups. We want to give them a home to showcase their work without being pushed aside because their app or product is not what is going to make a good click-bate story.

I don’t care if we write an article and not make a dime from our affiliate links. If asked by the company or developer, we won’t post any affiliate links at the bottom of the article or sidebar of the site when writing about their app or product.

That’s because MacSources is more than money to us. It’s the experience and the ability to make something wonderful.

MacSources does have advertisers who sometimes sponsor us. When you see a sponsor on MacSources, you know it’s a product or app that we have used and found to work for us. We don’t accept just anyone to advertise on MacSources and because of that, it does hold us back from being able to do more for the tech community or visit as many conferences and tech shows as we would like.

I explain all of this to let you the readers know more about MacSources. We are four years old today but it’s not been an easy ride. It’s been tough but we love what we do and we hope to continue to bring you amazing products and apps.

I hope over the next four years we are able to continue building MacSources with more writers and more content daily. I also hope that more companies and app developers that we use see the effort that the wonderful writers here at MacSources make and advertise with us to allow us to do more for our readers.

In the past four years, MacSources has tried to find the good in everything we have reviewed. Unfortunately, sometimes apps and products can be made very, very poorly and we have to give a negative review. We don’t do this out of hate. We do this to inform the readers of the problems we found. Our writers never write something bad about an app or product because of spite. It’s because it did not work as advertised. We do our best to reach out to companies and find out what the problems are before we post our reviews. We want to make sure that it’s not something we are doing wrong. If so we still write what happened and what we did wrong if that is the case.

In the last four years, MacSources has had the great opportunity to gain new writers and our original writers are still here. I love our writing staff and really enjoy reading the content they write. MacSources has been a great way for me to battle depression and I thank you, our readers, and I thank the companies and developers who have given us the opportunity to review their babies. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MacSources and thank you all for making the past four years an amazing ride.

A very big thank you goes out to the MacSources writers. We wouldn’t be here without you.

~ Nicholas Calderone